Steve BrockJanuary 18, 2019

Sheila’s Business Increases “Flow” to Unlock Their Business Potential

This is the first of a four-part series on how to take your business from “communications chaos” to “seamless simplicity.” 

As dramatized in this video clip, your choice of business communications can have a dramatic impact on your organization in terms of employee productivity and satisfaction.  While Bob’s company struggles with outdated technology as they attempt a simple conference call, Sheila’s team is moving forward on multiple levels, using new technology to help them focus and augment their capabilities.  This humorous scenario is based on science – ZK Research has found that 15 minutes of every one-hour meeting are wasted just setting up the technology.  They further calculate that using the one-touch meeting entry of an Avaya system can save businesses over $8 US per employee per meeting, which can equate to over $1K US per employee per year savings! 

Avaya business communications are designed based on extensive research into the communications capabilities that animate employees, delight customers, and accelerate business.  You can read some of this research here.  One important item uncovered by Avaya’s research into communications behaviors is a more definitive concept of “Flow.” 

In our industry, the concept of integration of communications into workflows is often discussed.  Usually the term “work Flows” is just used to represent business processes.  Avaya research provides a more personal definition of Flow:  “A mental state of operation in which a person engaged in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized, successful focus.” 

When we use phrases like ‘in the zone’, ‘in tune’, ‘centered’ or ‘on the ball’, we are talking about an experience of flow per this definition.  This type of flow can occur when we listen to or play music, dance, play sports, or get sucked into a video game for hours.  For Mihail Csikszentmihalyi, the psychologist who introduced the concept, high-action opportunities and high-skills situations stimulate autotelic personalities, people who are curious, persistent and not self-centered.  You can find more information on Mihail’s research in a recent TED talk, in which he says that Flow is “the secret to happiness.” 

Mihail says that flow engenders feelings and experiences of collaboration that occur based on 8 characteristics.  These include “effortlessness and ease”, and “having a feeling of control over the task.” 

Many business communication and collaboration systems are anything but immersive and effortless.  And while “control” has always been an essential and valued aspect of business communications, today’s systems are more likely to make users feel “OUT of control.” 

However, the key challenge that Avaya took from this research insight was “How can we design a more immersive user experience into Unified Communications?”

“Flow” is the difference employees will feel when they use Avaya Equinox™ in conjunction with the Avaya Desktop Experience portfolio of business communication devices.   The Avaya platform, applications, and devices are all designed to work together.   It takes the seamless simplicity of an integrated solution based on Avaya innovation to enable employees to have the “concentrated concentration” required to achieve true “flow”.

And “flow” is not just important to your business in terms of work activities, it is important that employees are able to experience both work “flow” and life “flow.”  Being able to effortlessly interact fully with co-workers around the globe as your team works together, while also being able to manage personal interests such as checking in on your family – these are examples of capabilities that enable complete concentration on tasks as well as peace of mind. 

Do your business communications facilitate business conversations, or is it too often the topic of conversation?  Does it enable your employees to experience “Flow” in both their work and their lives?  If not, it’s time for a change.  It’s time for Avaya. 

And with the Device as a Service monthly subscription purchasing option that Avaya just announced, investing a few dollars a month to save $1K per year per employee is a no-brainer!

I will be discussing how the award-winning Avaya Vantage™ helps to provide work and life flow with my colleague Vandana Brar at this year’s Avaya Engage conference in Austin, Texas.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The Avaya platform, applications, and devices are all designed to work together.

Steve Brock

Steve has broad industry experience that includes the design, engineering and global deployment of innovative communications solutions. Steve has worked with customers all over the world to solve complex consumer and business communication problems. You can follow Steve at @SteveBrockRTP.

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