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Avaya IX Workforce Engagement – Transforming Employee Productivity and Customer Experience

For most contact centers, the agent workforce is one of the biggest expense lines on the budget. In fact, the agent talent pool can account for up to 70% of a contact centers annual operating budget. So, the importance of optimizing it – getting the most value from the people that comprise it – cannot be underestimated.  

But that is only half of the conversation. Equally important is the quality of customer experience that agents deliver to customers.  After all, customer experience in its simplest definition is measured in the relationship customers have with a brand. Does your customer experience keep your customers coming back for more and telling their friends about their positive experiences?

Workforce Engagement, previously known as Workforce Optimization, has become an essential differentiator for organizations that are seeking to deliver a better customer experience, improve agent productivity and increase profits. With more than 5,000 customers across the world, Avaya IX Workforce Engagement has been helping organizations transform employee and customer engagement since 2010.

It’s exciting for us to announce that Avaya IX Workforce Engagement is now available as part of Avaya’s OneCloud portfolio – for private, public and hybrid deployments.

Now new and current customers can get the latest software updates with fewer IT resources and upfront costs than traditional, premises-based software deployments. The Avaya IX Workforce Engagement cloud deployment model is an ideal pathway for existing Avaya IX Workforce Engagement customers that may lack the time and resources to migrate to the most current software release.

Customers can reap a wide range of benefits when they move to Avaya IX Workforce Engagement:

  • Pay only for the applications they need by choosing a service package that aligns with business requirements
  • Minimize upfront investments
  • Take advantage of usage-based pricing
  • Quickly add new functionality as it is needed
  • Get fast deployment and onboarding
  • Receive software updates as they become available

And there is no need to settle for limited functionality. Avaya IX Workforce Engagement offers full-featured, unified applications to meet an organization’s unique needs and budget, whether your business is a large, multinational enterprise or small to midsize business.

Avaya IX Workforce Engagement delivers all the applications organizations need to get the most value from agents while generating high-quality customer and agent experiences.

Call Recording – A full-time, enterprise recording and archiving solution to help enhance industry compliance, reduce liability, and support customer engagement management.

Screen Recording – An undetectable back-end process that captures desktop screen activity during customer interactions. Used in the contact center and the back office, it gives organizations a true picture on how well agents and other employees use web chat, e-mail and other business applications to serve customers.

Automated Quality Management – Automate the entire quality management process, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching. The solution can automatically score up to 100 percent of recorded calls, offering much greater insight and consistency than random sampling.

Coaching – Out-of-the-box workflow for scheduling, delivering and tracking coaching. Coaching is integrated with individual quality monitoring evaluation scores to help organizations develop and enhance agent skills.

eLearning – Deliver coaching lessons and training to agents directly to their desktop.

Performance Management – Set and communicate goals across the organization, and measure performance against them; make corrections as needed using actionable insights.

Workforce Management – Plan, forecast and schedule teams to help achieve service goals, maximize capacity, reduce costs and increase revenue across the contact center, branch and back-office operations.

Speech Analytics – Transcribe and analyze 100 percent of recorded calls to help surface valuable intelligence. Automatically discover and analyze words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during calls to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

Customer Feedback – Engage customers immediately following their interaction with agents via short, dynamic surveys. Tie customer feedback with quality monitoring results to really understand how close you are to customer perceptions on products and service.

Desktop and Process Analytics – Gain visibility into how employees use different systems, applications, and processes to perform work. Identify opportunities to enhance compliance and overall efficiency, cost, and quality of customer service.

As customer expectations continue to evolve, so must the approach that organizations take to deliver high-quality service that leads to brand loyalty. With Avaya IX Workforce Engagement you can implement a comprehensive end-to-end customer engagement strategy to help make your business a customer’s first choice.

To get started or to find more out details, please contact us.

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