Nidal Abou-LtaifDecember 03, 2018

Technology Can Be Human-Centric

There are many things in life that we cannot put a price on. Among these are health, family, the environment and our wellbeing. For Avaya, it is important for us to continue recognizing those things that we can directly and indirectly influence, but it is even more important to recognize when there is more we can do.

That comes to mind as we prepare for the Avaya Partner Summit 2019 – our annual meeting that brings the Avaya International community together to plan our next phase of growth. Our partners in attendance have a lot to celebrate, and I cannot wait to recognize those who excelled and exchange ideas with all of you on how to achieve even more. We will go over some of the new solutions and initiatives designed to help our community to grow: in size, in value, and in relevance.

But above all – and this is something I am personally proud of and honored to champion – is our message of human-centric technologies, not only for those of us most fortunate, but to those who face special challenges in going about their daily lives. According to current United Nations statistics, one in every seven people living on Earth today has some sort of special need- be it physical, mental or sensory. That’s one billion out of the seven billion of us.

Being in an industry that builds experiences that matter, we cannot fulfill our vision without building solutions that enable those one billion individuals to overcome their challenges and excel in what they love to do. That’s when technology becomes truly human-centric.

While we don’t have a magic wand, every little step and initiative matters. In the last few months, we have been working with a number of organizations, public and private, to explore ways that communication technologies can integrate into existing experiences like banking, telecoms and emergency services, to achieve that “equality of experience” that we like to preach. The great news is that governments we work with and private sector companies that have been our customers for years share that vision, and are hungry for tools that bring their own corporate responsibility initiatives to life.

At the Partner Summit, we will present some of these solutions for our community to see, be inspired, and take back home; that’s our crowdsourcing initiative. I’m also proud to host an art exhibition that demonstrates that, regardless of how challenged people are, when you give them the right environment and the right tools, there is no ceiling to what they can achieve.

If you are able to join me and the team next week, please take time to admire the work of the children from the Rashid Center for People of Determination; it is a display of art that will inspire you. For us, and the team at the Rashid Center who look after more than 2,000 challenged children, the works of art created by these children are priceless. And just like our health, our families and our education, it is important, as active members in building experiences that matter, to recognize and value them.

Avaya Partner Summit 2019

Nidal Abou-Ltaif

Nidal is the president of Avaya International, a region that includes APAC and EMEA.

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