Jon AlperinDecember 13, 2018

Wait…Don’t go…Can I call you back instead?

We’ve all had the experience of being in the middle of something – a call, conference, or just doing the dishes – when someone calls us that we want to speak with. Even if you can’t drop everything to talk with your friend, spouse, or that cousin that recently had a baby, don’t you often take just a moment just to tell them you’ll call them back as soon as you can?

So why is your contact center treating your customers differently? Aren’t they just as important to your business?

Everyone knows that keeping your customers happy is the goal. While this may sound fuzzy at first, customer satisfaction correlates to customer loyalty – and loyalty has economic benefits.

While there are many ways to go about improving customer satisfaction, one of the most powerful methods also happens to be one of the simplest: Call your customers back.

One experience customers despise when seeking support is extended hold time (just check out these tweets if you don’t believe me). Customers forced to wait on hold for a significant amount of time will often hang up, which leads to a spike in repeat calls. Or worse, customer abandonment and churn.

Fonolo, a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect ecosystem, gives customers the choice to opt-in for a call-back, positively affecting how contact centers operate and leading directly to improved customer satisfaction. Giving your customers their time back is a gift they will be grateful for, ultimately lowering the potential for customer frustration.

Fonolo’s cloud-based In-Call Rescue solution is compliance-tested for the Avaya Aura Suite, allowing for a quick and secure deployment depending on your contact center’s needs.

Case in Point

An Avaya customer in child care services has been one benefactor of Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue solution. Peak periods (holidays and long weekends) were posing a clear problem and leading to long hold times, in turn resulting in lost reservations and unhappy customers.

To ensure the delivery of a consistent customer experience, they turned to Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue solution to give callers the option of a call-back rather than waiting on hold. Now customers simply “Press 1 for a call-back”, while Fonolo holds their place in queue. Callers are also given the option to schedule a call-back at a more convenient time. No answer or busy line? Calls can be placed back into the queue.

With this option, customers are happier because they:

  1. are not forced to wait on hold for an unknown amount of time
  2. have the knowledge that their inquiry will be answered in the near future
  3. are given back control over their valuable time.

The cloud-based approach and its ability to seamlessly interact with the existing Avaya system made implementation quick and easy. And agent training on the solution was minimal since a Fonolo call appears to be just like a regular inbound call.

Fonolo’s solution helped the contact center customer reduce both its peak periods and the number of repeat callers, resulting in a 33% reduction in abandonment rates. Not only did the contact center benefit from streamlined performance, but customers were happy as well.

The call-back offering improved the customer experience, smoothed out overwhelming spikes in call volume, reduced abandon rates, and even lowered telco costs (by freeing up lines and cutting down on trunk costs.)

You can learn more by visiting the  Avaya DevConnect Marketplace for more information on their solutions and services, including recent DevConnect Compliance testing with the Avaya Aura suite.


Jon Alperin

Jon Alperin leads the Avaya DevConnect program—Avaya's global developer and technology partner program—leveraging a background as an application developer, solution architect, and product manager for the telecom and high-tech industries. Since joining Avaya in 2001, he has also supported the company with roles in corporate strategy, marketing and alliance development.

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