Jason Lionel QuesadaDecember 21, 2018

Avayan Team in India Give Back

In this busy time of deadlines, shopping for holiday gifts, preparing meals and cocktails…we often overlook the real meaning of the holiday season: giving back to those in need. As shown through Avaya’s Month of Giving, we know it’s important to give back to our communities. Today we’d like to highlight the India team.

What are you doing to give back to the community during the holiday season?

The Avayan Team in India collected money by selling evening snacks, potluck, Tambola game. We also collected clothes and utility items. With the money, we gave blankets, bedsheets, water heaters to the two non-governmental organizations we worked with for distribution to people who needed them.

Why is that important you?

We must help those in need as it helps to bring a smile on their face, it helps in small ways mitigate the impacts of the gap of inequality, it helps us understand the importance of reaching out. Any small act of giving to those in need is good for all involved.

How has this experience impacted the community you served? (#ExperiencesThatMatter)

It is winter season here in Delhi and Gurgaon in India. Giving them water heaters and necessary amenities helped the two communities we are associated with in getting their needs met.

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