Steve BrockDecember 11, 2018

Device as a Service Accelerates Experiences that Matter for UCaaS

If we were forced to pay for our personal smart mobile devices all at once – up front, how many of us would have the latest devices?  Fortunately, there are other purchasing options that allow us to enjoy the latest technology for a much smaller monthly installment payment. 

With today’s announcement of Device as a Service, Avaya is bringing that same purchasing flexibility to smart devices in the office.  This is fantastic news for UCaaS customers everywhere.  Because if your employees are not using the latest communications technologies, it is likely that your business is falling behind.  Take a look at this video to see what your employees are missing.

Today’s announcement is the latest component of a four-phased Avaya strategy to bring smart devices technology to the employee desktop in a way that makes sense for businesses of any size. 

The first phase is conducting extensive research to better understand the needs of today’s business communicators.  This research, which began in 2014 and is ongoing, comprises many research instruments – including sitting down with groups of workers all over the world to map out their business communications experiences.  You can view some of this research here.

The second phase was to create an entirely new portfolio of devices designed to deliver the functionality that today’s workers need, and to make these capabilities easy to use.  It was determined that this portfolio must be platform-agnostic to enable it to work with both Avaya and non-Avaya UC platforms.

The third phase was to simplify device installation – to deliver “no touch” plug and play functionality.  As part of this, Avaya announced and delivered Device Enrollment Services earlier this year.

The final phase is to make these devices accessible with purchasing options similar to consumer smart devices.  Avaya now offers up front payment, monthly installment payment toward ownership with the Device Flex Purchase Plan, and the subscription-based model of Device as a Service. 

Put together, this strategy has resulted in the unique utility, usability, installability and accessibility of the Avaya Desktop Experience – a comprehensive portfolio of smart devices that deliver Experiences that Matter to UCaaS users.

Earlier this year, IDC said that Device as a Service is the industry’s inflection point – and it is certainly a game-changer for UCaaS customers everywhere.  No longer are UCaaS user relegated to generic IP phones that deliver only a voice portal to their cloud service.  They can now can have desktop windows to everything the cloud has to offer as they employ the latest desktop technology like the award-winning Avaya Vantage.™ This portfolio of devices delivers similar functionality as today’s smart, consumer mobile devices, but it is also bolstered with additional technology that makes it work perfectly for the business desktop.  Analyst research shows that this portfolio delivers a high return on investment and that it can also improve business security. 

And Device as a Service is also a game-changer for UCaaS Service Providers who can now deliver a whole new desktop phone ownership experience to their customers — including a single monthly bill, a comprehensive subscription UC cost structure, and removal of the stress that comes with procuring, managing and disposing of their UC phones.  And we are not just talking about Avaya Cloud Service Providers — the platform-agnostic attributes of the Avaya Desktop Experience means that Non-Avaya platform UCaaS Service Providers and their customers can also take advantage of this opportunity.  These smart devices also pave the way for future cloud Service Provider application upsell such as AI applications

What’s your next move?  Click here to obtain more details on Avaya’s Device as a Service offering.   If you are a UCaaS Service Provider you should also sign up for this upcoming webinar in which Frost and Sullivan will provide a roadmap to increase the value of your offering.

Steve Brock

Steve has broad industry experience that includes the design, engineering and global deployment of innovative communications solutions. Steve has worked with customers all over the world to solve complex consumer and business communication problems. You can follow Steve at @SteveBrockRTP.

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