Avaya StaffNovember 07, 2018

It’s Time to Unlock the True Potential of Your UCaaS Service Business

It’s difficult to imagine life before the Apple iPhone and Android smart devices.  And yet, just 11 years ago none of us had any of these devices in our pockets.  Instead, we used mobile devices that did little more than make a phone call.  I believe today’s UCaaS market has strong similarities to the mobile phone market of the early 2000s. 

Initially, mobile service providers were focused on ensuring their chosen technology architectures worked.  The primary goal was to gain more “seats.”  Devices were viewed only as a necessary cost and a pain point (sound familiar?). 

Early cell phones were just for talking.  Some voice features were added – such as voice mail — and some phones could eventually access e-mail, but there wasn’t a significant shift in cell phone usage beyond voice until the form factors (Blackberry) and the multimedia capabilities (iPhone) were expanded. 

This change in cell phone usage stimulated the opportunity for mobile providers to also expand their offerings beyond just voice.  It took only seven years after smart devices were added into the mix for mobile service provider data revenue to exceed voice revenue.   And if you look at today’s mobile providers – they each offer a differentiated mix of services including streaming, texting, and surfing.  Each in their own way, they promote their offerings as allowing their subscribers to “do it all.”    

This evolution has not happened yet in the area of UC Cloud Services.  One key reason for this is that the phones being used for UC Cloud Services have not changed.  They still provide only voice services and voice control capabilities.  Today’s UC Cloud end users certainly cannot “do it all.”

The Avaya Desktop Experience is changing this.

Avaya’s entry into the UCaaS smart devices space opens the door for UC Cloud Service Providers to expand their offerings to align more with the full set of communications tools used by today’s businesses – including voice, video, text, social, and literally millions of applications. 

UC Cloud Service Providers no longer are relegated to just being an IT department alternative based in the cloud.  They can now move beyond the generic voice offerings of the past – to increase their differentiation and expand their customer wallet share.

Businesses of all types and sizes are using Avaya innovation to accelerate their business, attract and retain talent, and drive employee and customer satisfaction higher.  From the home worker that enjoys Avaya’s wireless capabilities to make any spot inside or outside of their home their home office, to the office worker that uses Avaya multimedia communications technology to augment their work flows and keep track of other important items such as how the kids are doing at preschool, who is ringing their doorbell, or what the traffic looks like for the ride home, Avaya desktop technology is revolutionizing the work communications experience. 

Recent Avaya research shows that employees want their office communications to be more like their personal communications devices.

Service providers can harness Avaya technology to meet this need with an entirely new set of cloud offerings.  But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at this new ZK Research report that states clearly that “Cloud UC providers should use Avaya Vantage™ to differentiate their offerings.”  This is the device that just won UC Today’s best endpoint award for 2018!  It comes in nine different form factors and brings all the cloud has to offer into full view on the employee desktop.  One thing we are all very excited about is our “Devices for Diversity” partnership with Save the Children in which for every one of these devices we sell for the remainder of this year, a donation will be made to assist with their girls educational programming. 

Let’s join forces to increase the potency of your UCaaS offering and to change the world one desktop at a time! 

If you happen to be at Broadsoft Connections 2018, stop by the Avaya booth — because that is where the innovation is happening!  You will see exciting demos of Avaya’s advanced wireless technologies, multimedia communications – including real time language translation, and new vertical experiences.