Greg PeltonNovember 07, 2018

Three Ways Avaya Devices Will Transform Your UC Cloud Service

In May 2017 we entered the Open SIP market with the announcement of three new Avaya devices for UC Cloud Service providers, including support for the Broadsoft Platform. By the end of 2018, the Avaya Desktop Experience Open SIP portfolio will approach 20 devices. Avaya is bringing innovation to the UCaaS market with the Avaya Desktop Experience, and we are doing this across four focus areas or themes:

  • Any Platform
  • Complete Connectivity
  • Cloud Service Acceleration
  • User Experience

Simply put, our goal is to deliver the most value and the most differentiation in the market. Looking forward to 2019, we will introduce even more devices and broader support for industry UCaaS platforms.

Avaya’s 2018 State of the Desktop research shows that the business desktop communications device is still the primary communications tool for the majority of today’s workforce. Today’s business communication is conducted by an increasingly diverse workforce using more diverse communications tools—but the business desktop device has not kept pace with this expansion.

By offering only traditional phones and focusing only on traditional voice calling features, UCaaS providers are merely scratching the surface of the tremendous capabilities that are now possible. Outside of the office, we all enjoy the ability to completely personalize our communications and to access our favorite cloud-based applications with one touch at any time. Avaya enables UCaaS providers to deliver this same rich experience to the business desktop, using their UC platform of choice.

For UC Cloud Service Providers

If you are a UC Cloud service provider, there are three reasons why you should add the Avaya Desktop Experience portfolio to your UCaaS offering. Taking this step will dramatically improve customer adoption and retention–increasing employee satisfaction and productivity, accelerating customer business goals, and improving the overall quality of service that you provide to your business customers. Customer experience matters and Avaya’s desktop portfolio positively transforms customer experience.

  1. Experience Matters—The End User Experience
    According to the Nemertes report “Five Ways to Grow Your UCaaS Business,” end user experience is an area ripe for improvement. In fact, nearly half of IT leaders say that improving the user experience would increase the success of their unified communications and collaboration efforts.Avaya’s research shows that today’s employees would like their work communications to resemble that of their personal smart mobile devices. The Avaya Desktop Experience brings consumer smart phone technology to the employee desktop in a way that makes sense for all types and all sizes of business.



    Examples of this innovation will be on display at the 2018 Broadsoft Connections Avaya will be showing how our devices use the latest technologies to deliver wireless campus, multimedia communications, and vertical solutions. One of the devices on display will be the award-winning Avaya Vantage™ that delivers a whole new level of communications personalization and functionality—it’s a smarter smartphone for the business desktop.

  2. Experience Matters—The Business Experience
    Avaya is also innovating in the business “Out of Box” UCaaS experience. Our new Device Enrollment Servicesprovide “no touch” provisioning, which means when a cloud device is delivered to a business employee, it works right out of the box with no need for staff on site or costly customer support.



    In addition, with so many device and form factor options, businesses can empower their employees with their device of preference and accelerate their business work flows with the best device for the job.

  3. Experience Matters–Choosing a Vendor You Can Trust
    Avaya has been delivering communications solutions for over 100 years and has shipped well over 130 million lines. What does this experience mean for your UCaaS offering?



    It means you can offer your business customers the confidence of using a globally known and trusted brand. It means the devices you deliver to them will provide a desktop experience based on years of research and knowledge gained in business productivity, audio and video quality, and customer support.


    Anyone can quickly “Google” the answer to any question, but what deep experience provides is the ability to ask the right questions! Avaya and our partners know the right questions to ask to deliver the best business communications experience of your customers.

The extensive breadth of the Avaya Desktop Experience portfolio—including Essential Experience desk setsHospitality devicesAvaya Vantage multimedia communicationswireless handsets, and audio and video conferencing devices—will let you address every customer communications need. Your revenue potential will grow well beyond just desktop voice to a full suite of collaboration services. This is how UCaaS solutions transform from PBX replacement to a true business engine.

But don’t just take my word for this. Read this new report from ZK Research that encourages UCaaS providers to immediately add the Avaya Desktop Experience to their cloud offerings.

Three Ways Avaya Devices Will Transform Your UC Cloud Service

Greg Pelton

Mr. Pelton is Vice President, Collaboration and Devices at Avaya. He joined Avaya at the end of 2017 and is responsible for Avaya�s portfolio of voice and video endpoints, as well as soft clients and collaboration services. He leads a global team of seasoned product management and engineering staff, who drive some of Avaya�s largest product revenue streams.

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