David RollisonOctober 25, 2018

Three Frightening Contact Center Problems Solved with Cloud

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and not just because contact centers like yours are about to head full bore into the holiday rush. Halloween is coming, and to get into the spirit, we’re here to help you overcome some common contact center terrors:

  • WFH Agents
    This can be an incredibly scary subject for many contact centers—agents who aren’t physically with you in the contact center. Whether you call them “virtual agents” or “remote agents” or simply “work from home agents,” the bottom line is many contact center managers run screaming from the thought of contact center agents working in different locations.
    Fear not, because when you upgrade your contact center to a pure cloud solution, you gain the ability to always have full visibility into any WFH agents you have handling customer communications. More than that, with the Avaya Cloud, you’ll be working in the Avaya environment you already know, instead of dealing with the dread that comes with having to understand a new system.
  • Omnichannel Communications
    Omnichannel is a word you’ve been aware for at least a few years. The ability to meet your customers on whichever channel they are choosing to interact with your brand. What can make this terrifying is that Omnichannel isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a consumer demand.
    With Avaya Communications, you don’t have to hide under the covers at the next mention of needing an Omnichannel strategy. Putting your contact center in the cloud allows you to have access to the latest and greatest technology in a fraction of the time.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
    This horror starts in your IT department and spreads its tentacles of fear throughout your agents, supervisors, and managers. It’s not just the time IT will spend planning for the upgrade, but all the lost time and headaches that come with upgrades gone wrong.
    A pure cloud solution for your contact center exorcises the demons of maintenance and upgrades out of your contact center and into the cloud. You’ll be able to put high-value people on high-value projects, instead of losing time to upgrade nightmares.

During this terrifying time of year, it’s important to know who you’re gonna call when it comes to fixing the issues that keep you up at night.


Three Frightening Contact Center Problems Solved with Cloud

David Rollison

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