Jon AlperinOctober 30, 2018

How to Make Modern Network Infrastructure Upgrades Easy

Home renovations are exciting, but let’s be honest. The day-to-day inconvenience of construction with contractors traipsing through your home, ripping out walls, disrupting the family, running new power and HDMI cables with all the dust and drilling can mar all the excitement and turn it into a living nightmare. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the home of your dreams without having to do all that? Similarly, the high costs, long deployment times and business disruptions of “rip-and-replace” network infrastructure upgrades often prevent organizations from fully achieving their communication objectives.

NVT Phybridge, one of our strongest DevConnect Technology Partners, helps customers modernize their communications capabilities with a secure and robust IP backbone ready to support the latest Avaya Aura or Avaya IP Office solutions, without the expense and pain of a full remodeling of facilities and network infrastructure.

Modern LAN Design Starts with Devices & Applications, Not the Switch

Steven Fair, EVP of NVT Phybridge, explained to me that “the traditional approach to local area network (LAN) design was established when PCs were the only endpoints being connected to the network. Today, organizations are expanding their LAN to support not only core business applications, but also many supportive IoT applications—including IP communications.”

By applying Modern LAN design principles, developed by Frost & Sullivan, NVT Phybridge ensures the LAN can address the evolving requirements of today’s smart enterprise. “For example, principle #1 suggests considering the needs of the endpoint and application first. By examining the unique bandwidth, power, and latency requirements of a communications platform, customers can leverage existing voice infrastructure to support new Avaya IP communication systems – as opposed to the costly and time-consuming process of installing a new infrastructure for voice”, says Steven.

Reuse can Maximize ROI and Help the Overall Business Case

Organizations can significantly improve the return on investment of their digital transformation by reusing their existing infrastructure and avoiding unnecessary costs:

  • Thousands of feet of new cabling and equipment to support IP devices exactly where they are needed, including servers, racks, cooling systems, backup power systems, fire prevention, and redundancy equipment.
  • Labor costs to rip-and-replace the existing infrastructure, and the material costs to support the construction and renovation work required.

Organizations can then reallocate existing budget from these cost savings to more easily justify the upgrade to Avaya Aura or IP Office. In addition, by eliminating the above network requirements, deployment times are significantly accelerated—up to 90% in many cases, according to Steven.

Improving Network Security Through a Simpler Design

As IP communication and the Internet of Things(IoT) becomes more prevalent, cyber-security has become a top concern. By leveraging NVT Phybridge, Avaya customers can maintain a separate and secure point-to-point network to support communication applications.

The long reach capabilities of NVT Phybridge’s PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) solution often eliminates the need to install intermediate server closets, reducing network complexity and the number of potential access points into the network. PoLRE can extend data and PoE over new or existing single-pair UTP infrastructure with up to 1,200ft (365m) reach; four times the reach capabilities of a standard PoE switch. The intuitive web GUI allows customers to monitor network traffic and lock down unused ports, ensuring only approved devices are given network access.

Upgrading to the latest Avaya IP solutions across multiple sites is easy with PoLRE’s repeatable, predictable, and scalable deployment methodology. NVT Phybridge customers are reporting lower infrastructure costs, less business disruption, faster deployment times, and a more cyber-secure network topology.

To learn more about NVT Phybridge, please visit Avaya DevConnect Marketplace.

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