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Developing a Cloud Communications Migration Strategy with Avaya

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Migrating your communications infrastructure to the cloud offers a variety of benefits, especially for your retail, seasonal, and branch locations. Let’s look at the potential benefits and pitfalls of cloud-based solutions and how Avaya Cloud makes the journey to the cloud easy.

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

The first main benefit of a cloud-based solution is the fact that many times the total cost of operation is lower than a comparable on-premise counterpart.

This infographic best illustrates the difference between a cloud-based proposal and a software-based proposal. Each iceberg represents the two solutions with the proposals represented by the iceberg above the surface. You’ll find they both look very similar. The proposals include per-user costs, telephones, and implementation costs. When you dive beneath the surface, the difference between the proposals becomes clear.

The software-based solution iceberg goes really deep, because if you choose that proposal, you’re just getting started. Data centers, power, cooling, batteries, compute, storage, virtualization, network access, and maintenance contracts are necessary for use.

Meanwhile the iceberg under the cloud-based proposal is quite shallow because those costs are rolled into the per-user subscription fees. This predictability lowers the total cost of operations while providing cost controls.

Additionally, retail, seasonal, and branch locations are often required to adjust to changing business conditions. The workforce often expands or contracts throughout the year, and locations can open or close based on changing business conditions. Software-based solutions are rigid while cloud-based solutions offer flexibility. Cloud-based solutions enable you to simply turn services on when you need them and turn them off when you’re done, instead of purchasing enough capacity for the “high water mark” of demand. This elasticity further lowers the total cost of operations while increasing business agility.

Strategic Migration of Cloud Contact Center Solutions

The ability to leverage the cloud can mean more productive users, increases in revenue, and business agility, which leads to a simple question. If these benefits can be realized by migrating your solution to the cloud, why have 90% of customers who have on-premise solutions resisted migrating to the cloud?

I believe the reason for this contradiction is due to most cloud vendors positioning migration to the cloud as a switch to be flipped, which isn’t practical for most businesses. At Avaya we believe the migration of communications infrastructure to the cloud is a journey, not a jump. One customer’s destination for their journey can be radically different than another customer’s, and neither is wrong. Our approach to cloud is to enable customers to choose their destination and we’ll be the GPS for that journey. When you’re ready to continue to the next destination, Avaya is there to help navigate the trip. It’s YOUR roadmap that matters most, not ours.

How to Sign Up for Avaya’s Cloud Migration System

Many of our customers see their branch locations as an ideal “first stop” for this journey to the cloud, and Avaya has developed an incredible offer that delivers on the promise of cloud without the pitfalls. Avaya Cloud IP Office is a great option for both midsize enterprises as well as retail, seasonal, and branch offices at much larger companies.

To begin service with Avaya Cloud IP Office simply visit our website. Mix and match your users to three subscription options, which means users get exactly the services and apps they need without the need to spend extra on unnecessary features. Reuse existing telephone numbers or add new ones from a huge inventory of telephone numbers across the United States. Once you’ve chosen just the right service for your users, the next step is to choose which phones meet their needs. The Avaya storefront offers a wide variety of desk phones to choose from, including the personalized Avaya Essential series voice-only desk phones and the incredible, all-glass Avaya Vantage collaboration desk phone powered by Google Android. All desk phones chosen will be configured, tested, and then shipped to your location for a pain-free plug and play setup.

Shortly after your order is placed your account will be activated and a member of the Avaya Customer Success team will contact you to discuss configuration options and provide one-on-one training for our Unified Communications, Messaging, and Meetings applications Avaya Equinox and Avaya Spaces.

Avaya Equinox is a Unified Communications app that runs on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet. You can place and receive calls from your work phone number using any device while it’s connected to any network. You’ll enjoy crystal-clear audio quality thanks to HD Audio, you can transfer callers to other users, and the Voicemail to Email feature puts missed calls and messages in your inbox.

Avaya Spaces, our messaging and meetings application, makes work less work. Your users can send messages to any Avaya Spaces user on the planet, even if they aren’t a colleague. You can create a Space for group communications and project management, including thread-based discussions and task management. When you need to get your team together Avaya Spaces gives you the ability to host audio and video calls with desktop sharing, and the best part is Avaya Spaces is included with your Avaya Cloud IP Office subscription.

Simplicity Without Sacrifice

Regardless of where you are on your journey to the cloud, Avaya can be your GPS. Avaya Cloud IP Office allows you to turn services on when you need them, turn them off when you’re done with them, and empower users with apps that help get work done regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

To start learning what flavor of Avaya Cloud is right for your business, visit, watch our webinar, or contact your Avaya Account Manager or Business Partner.

Migrating Communications to Cloud: With Avaya, it�s Browse. Click. Done.

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