Oliver BengtssonOctober 12, 2018

Digital Transformation in Government Means All-New Communications

When it comes to digital transformation in government, companies are missing the mark. Nearly 80% of global leaders within the government organizations believe digital is disrupting the industry, yet only 41% are satisfied with their organization’s progress. For entities entrusted to protect and serve the public, this struggle to evolve threatens more than just competitiveness and revenue.

So, how can governments step up and get to where they need to be? This is a loaded question, but we do know one thing for sure: communications need to improve—now.

Enhanced Communications: Long Overdue

There are endless ways to improve communications within the government today. For example, touchpoints like voice, video and chat can be integrated across online platforms and citizen portals. Or, transactional processes can shift to self-service to save time and effort. These objectives and more can be easily achieved with open workflow development and custom communications using integrated solutions. Here are three examples:

  1. Proactive Notifications
    Workflows can be configured to send customers automatic messages about practically anything: a reminder for when taxes are due, a confirmation of a tour booking, real-time subway schedule updates. To improve service and streamline processes, the U.K. recently rolled out such a platform called UK Notify.



    These notifications can enhance team engagement and productivity. By streamlining reminders into daily workflows, employees can act faster and more intelligently with the information they need, how and when they need it.

  2. Embedded Communications
    Imagine facilitating real-time, 24×7 communications in New York City, home to 8.5 million people and over 60 million tourists each year. That’s the goal for NYC311, which works to make NYC government services widely accessible through dynamic communications.



    Communication enablement can help handle this load. By embedding custom communication capabilities like voice, video and chat directly into client-facing applications, businesses can support instant and natural engagement for any volume of users. Citizens can still get the information they need, but with the added ability to initiate and/or escalate to live sessions with just a touch

  3. Advanced Data Sharing
    Government IT managers should be focusing on several data-driven initiatives to support the ultimate customer journey. For example, they need to create visual workflows that provide a 360-degree view of customer context. Open workflow development lets governments do just this, turning data into insights that can be easily shared organization-wide. This eliminates the need for customers to repeat information or be transferred across agents. Meanwhile, employees no longer have to hop in and out of applications to track and gather data.

Rewriting the Rules of Communications

Digital transformation in government is steeped in communications. Now that organizations know what to improve, the question becomes how. At Avaya, we deliver the answer with our new open, customizable desktop device, Avaya Vantage™.

Vantage boasts out-of-box support for the Avaya Equinox® Experience, our mobile-first UC client built for anytime, anywhere, any-device collaboration. Vantage also supports the Avaya Breeze Client SDK, which lets you quickly and easily create or embed real-time communications into social, mobile, video, and cloud applications. This set up lets users rapidly develop unique, customer-specific communications applications across the entire enterprise. Businesses can use ready-made applications from Avaya, install existing apps from the Google Play Store, or embed custom communication features directly into workflows to meet exact user and vertical needs.

Over one-quarter of the world’s governments are still early digital adopters, and over 80% admit they lack confidence in their ability to respond to key trends. Leaders must not only improve communications, but identify new ways to break barriers and reimagine CX possibilities. To learn more about communications for digitally transforming government, click here. Meanwhile, you can explore Vantage further with this white paper. If you would like additional information on this device, you can also reach out to the product team via Vantage Sales.

Oliver Bengtsson

Oliver Bengtsson is Senior Product Manager of IP Endpoints at Avaya, leading new device innovation. Oliver is responsible for the introduction and go-to-market initiatives of exciting new solutions such as Avaya Vantage.

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