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After the Avaya Marketing Summer Interns Have Gone

As summer comes to a close and our Avaya interns head back to school, we reflect on the experiences, projects, and contributions of the Avaya Summer Intern Marketing Class of 2018. Avaya’s internship program hires the brightest university candidates and sets them up to do meaningful work. They are introduced to Avaya’s cultural principles, people, and practices, and exposed to a full range of corporate experiences and opportunities.

Meaningful Work

We kick off our internship program with educational workshops that help our interns learn all aspects of marketing including, digital, brand, product, public relations and B2B social media. They then work with their managers on individual assignments as well as on a group project. For their group project, they came together to accomplish in-depth cloud research and create product promo videos. For one of the videos, they leaned on their personal experience using the Avaya Vantage™ Device and how it makes the average work day a little easier. The interns’ Vantage video demonstrates how the device can be used anywhere and incorporates their Avaya experience.

Three Bright Stars

We asked three members of the team to share their learnings and perspectives on Avaya culture and their overall internship experiences.

Jordan Carrasco is a rising senior at Chapman University pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business and a minor in Environmental Studies. While at Avaya, she interned with the customer experience marketing team:

“From the very beginning of the interview process, to receiving my offer letter, to my first day as an Avaya intern, I was welcomed by the best possible people. I knew that I would get valuable experience from this internship, but I didn’t expect to make lifelong friends and so much more.

“I started working in the Avaya Executive Briefing Center with an amazing team. I prepared for customer briefings, assisted with demos of Avaya cloud solutions, and provided support for my team and customers.

“Throughout my time, I was constantly encouraged to expand my leadership skills. This led me to become the project manager for the intern group project. I was challenged with this task as it involved organization, research, and communication. Luckily, I was working for one of the top communication technology companies, so communication was simple. I enjoyed working with the across the globe using both Equinox and Avaya Spacessolutions to communicate and collaborate.”

Erick Campos recently graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He is an intern on the Digital Marketing and Global Campaigns team.

“After graduating with my degree in marketing this past December I was offered the position as the Digital Marketing and Global Campaigns Intern. Coming to work for Avaya this summer has been the most inspiring thing I’ve done in my journey to becoming a marketer. Avaya gave me a platform to showcase the skills that I learned in school as well as gave me a place to grow and evolve them. School only teaches you so much, so coming here was a great way to assess my skill set. My manager challenged me to think outside the box. I supported the marketing team by making sure digital content was up to date, accurate, and delivered on time.

“I got to work with some amazing people across the country and the world and communicating with them was a breeze using Avaya’s award-winning communication solutions. My favorite thing about this internship was working with my fellow marketing interns to create a video highlighting Avaya’s Vantage phone. Our objective was to showcase the Vantage in a young, fresh perspective. We got to bounce ideas off one another and even got to film in some cool places to make sure we got the PERFECT shots! Because of this project we were able to bond as a group and I’m really proud of the work that we did. To wrap it up, my internship at Avaya was more than anything I could have asked for. If you are like me, a recent grad having a hard time finding a job, consider an internship, because it was a great step forward toward my marketing career.”

Hayley Allred is a Senior at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina pursuing a B. S. in Communication Advertising with a Creative Emphasis and a minor in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. While at Avaya, she interned with the Product Marketing Team for Avaya’s Devices.

“My experience at Avaya was everything I could have asked for. I was enriched and entertained. I was never treated like an intern, but instead as a colleague. Avaya completely immersed me in its friendly and hardworking atmosphere. As a content developer for Avaya I worked on numerous projects, creating brochures, fact sheets, infographics, flyers, videos, tools, guides, and a storyboard. I am the kind of person who loves to be busy and Avaya gave me endless opportunities to show my creativity. My boss treated me like a teammate and we accomplished so much over the summer including the Trade-Up Promotion Campaign.

“Being part of the Summer 2018 Marketing Intern Team blew me away, and I was impressed with everyone’s sense of responsibility and organization. As a team, east coast and west coast interns generated research helpful for the Cloud team and created a great Avaya Vantage Video. With communication and hard work, we produced something that Avaya can use to promote the Vantage device for years to come. I am so glad I decided to intern at Avaya. I learned so many skills and had so much fun. I thank Avaya every day for giving me the opportunity to work with them.”

All our Avaya interns have excelled in their positions and have raised the bar for future classes. We wish these bright, rising stars the best of luck in their education and future endeavors. From all of us at Avaya, we hope that your intern experience has given you practical experience that you will use for years to come. All the best to you as you return to school and as you pursue your goals in the future!


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