Steve BrockAugust 10, 2018

Why Should You Replace Your Perfectly Good Business Phone? Reason 3

Upgrading your business phones may not be high on your priority list, but making the switch could create a positive butterfly effect. This one change can have major impact throughout your business, and especially to your remote employees.

For many employees, the work experience does not end when they leave the company office. A recent Gallup State of the American Workplace report indicates that about 43% of U.S. workers spend at least some time working remotely—that’s a four percentage point increase since 2012. And Forrester states in a recent report that it’s time for businesses to formally address remote working. The reasons they give are equally compelling: 8% of U.S. information workers work primarily from home, and an additional 21% say they work from home at least once a week. European countries also have 4-7% of workers at home, and other countries Forrester studied range between 2% and 5%.

According to Forrester, suboptimal remote technology is one of the largest barriers to successful remote work programs.

Reason #3: Upgrading Your Phones Can Dramatically Improve Your Remote Worker Productivity & Satisfaction

Avaya research provides insight into the top home office communications improvement opportunities. In order of importance, these include voice quality, ease of use, form factor flexibility (handset, headset, wireless, etc.), and ensuring that business communication devices have at least the same capabilities as personal smart mobile phones. Avaya also finds that although 1 out of 3 U.S. home workers use a soft phone application today, half of these home office soft phone users would prefer to use a desktop business phone.

Upgrading to the latest Avaya Desktop Experience devices will digitally transform your remote worker communications—taking them to a whole new level of productivity and employee satisfaction.

What does a digitally transformed home office look like?

  • Use flexible Wi-Fi to connect from anywhere in the house
  • Enter Avaya Equinox videoconference meetings with one touch or a simple voice command
  • Access all your social, chat, and other favorite communications channels with only one swipe (it’s an omnichannel world)
  • Use one-touch access to your home-management apps (door camera, lights, climate)
  • View videos, broadcasts, presentation slides, music and photos on any screen in the home
  • Enjoy voice assistant capabilities—just ask a question and immediately get the answer
  • Get the same level of quality communications available at the corporate office

Now is the perfect time to upgrade both your office and remote office desktop experiences. We’re currently offering a special deal for customers who trade in their existing phones and trade up to the latest Avaya phones and devices.

Still need more reasons to upgrade your phones? Learn more in our blogs about how the latest business phones can improve employee productivity and customer service and simplify communications chaos. And check back soon for Reason 4.


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