Savio Tovar DiasAugust 23, 2018

Achieving a Singular Unified Customer Experience

At Avaya, we have always prided ourselves in leadership of Unified Communications and Contact Center technologies. That leadership is not an accident—it comes through our laser-guided focus. By cultivating a talent pool that specialises in user and customer experiences and by developing an open-platform approach that embraces technology and channel partners (our Avaya Alliances programme), we have baked engagement, empowerment and optimisation into our DNA.

Despite Avaya’s confidence in our credentials as an effective digital-transformation partner, it is nonetheless deeply gratifying when our efforts are validated by objective third parties. We are immensely proud to be positioned, for the ninth time, as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications, Worldwide. This follows, just weeks earlier, our recognition as an MQ Leader in Contact Centre Infrastructure. We are one of only two companies named Leaders in both UC and CC.

This is a strong signal to our existing customers that they have chosen well in selecting Avaya as a digitisation partner and encourages prospective customers that a promising future awaits them with our help.

To be named an MQ Leader requires, in Gartner’s own language, both the “Ability to Execute” and a “Completeness of Vision”. Avaya’s success lies in our recognition of changes in expectations in the UC and CC markets. All internal and customer-facing channels—from websites and social media to mobile apps and contact-centre platforms—should now look to be integrated into a single seamless platform that is part of corporate culture. Digital transformation frees the employee from laborious admin chores and allows them to focus on the customer experience, where the true value lies.

Avaya’s customers face a consumer population that contains more and more millennials each year. Those millennials are digital natives that demand digital experiences, but with a human touch—an apparent contradiction in terms, but eminently achievable with the right “Completeness of Vision”. Our expertise allows us to build platform solutions that in turn allow our customers to build meaningful, empathic relationships with their own customers.

As part of our “Ability to Execute”, we are taking the lead in virtual assistants, a next-gen productivity boon set to revolutionise employee empowerment and customer engagement. Avaya is one of a very small number of companies to offer such emerging self-service tools at enterprise scale. Meanwhile, our award-winning, device-agnostic, integrated application platform Avaya Breeze, along with its DevConnect client SDK, and our meeting and contact-centre technology, provide a rich foundation for UC and CC platforms that take personalisation, customisation and automation into account.

Avaya Breeze offers people-to-people, people-to-machine (bots) and machine-to-machine (bot, camera, IoT) communication. It is an open platform that integrates with many types of data and application (ERP, CRM, IoT). It allows businesses to define how events trigger different workflows. For example, it can match agents with ideal internal specialists for real-time assistance with customer queries, based on problem type, availability and employee-profile data.

As Avaya continues to invest heavily in UC with CC, note our vision and execution as we work tirelessly to provide our global customers, from SMBs to large enterprises, with the ability to differentiate themselves with personalised, considerate service.

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Savio Tovar Dias

Savio Tovar Dias has 18+ years' experience in the Communications industry, spanning ATamp;T, Lucent Technologies, and currently Avaya. He leads Technical Operations for Avaya in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, India, China and Russia. Savio puts focus on customers' consumption of technology and driving new channel models based on XaaS, Cloud, and Managed Services.

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