Andy SteenAugust 28, 2018

Avaya Powers Team Fan Experiences at 2018 World Football Tournament

At the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world, Avaya put champion-level technology and solutions throughout the stadiums. The international association #football competition that took place in Russia during June and July was the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, as more than 200 countries competed for a coveted spot and a chance to win the cup. With such a global stage, timely communications and real-time fan experiences were critically important. And Avaya’s seamless connections and reliable communications in multiple venues delivered the ultimate team and fan experience.

Filling 81,000 spectators per game, Luzhniki Stadium is the national stadium of Russia, and was the location for the opening game, the final match, and opening and closing ceremonies. Luzhniki has enhanced stadium infrastructure and implemented six access control stations with 39 inspection lines, opened 427 entrances/exits, and implemented 3,000 surveillance cameras and 900 scanners, monitors, and detectors to make the on-site and in-person fan experience as smooth as possible.

Everyday operations at these stadiums require phone calls, emails, conferences, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more. This ramps up and becomes especially important during big sporting events. It’s all about starting with a reliable infrastructure—one that can scale up and scale down for a variety of world-class sporting and entertainment events. The importance of these communications cannot be overestimated or undervalued. Stadium services like video surveillance, IPTV, and systems for security, parking, and monitoring, must function securely and seamlessly. Avaya’s Customer Experience and Contact Center solutions demonstrated a high level of fortitude that is required to ensure an uninterrupted gameday experience.

Avaya has proven to be a reliable provider of UC, CC, and mobile solutions for successful projects in sports infrastructure time and time again. For this event, there were thousands of communication interactions, hundreds of people engaged in operations, and millions of TV viewers around the world. Not to mention the 1.5 million visitors that participated in tournament festivities.

Preparation for such a global sporting event requires a massive amount of engagement and collaboration. Roman Babaev, General Manager of Professional Football Club CSKA Moscow, provides benefits at VEB Arena. He says, “The new Avaya UC infrastructure deployed in the arena provides an exceptional level of reliability and redundancy, so the staff can comfortably operate with each other, and our guests can feel truly welcome.”

At this event, Avaya’s 21st-Century technology and solutions helped power five of the 12 stadiums including:

Additionally, two prominent stadiums in Moscow—CSKA Stadium and VTB Arena—were outfitted with Avaya Unified Communications and used as training bases during the event.

Beyond the tournament, these stadiums will continue to deliver world-class experiences when hosting other international sports and events. Which is why Avaya’s smart connected stadium approach to team and fan experiences is built to deliver a seamlessly across multiple stadiums, cities, countries, and continents. #Avaya is connecting everyone to everything through the #ConnectedWorld.


Andy Steen

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