Yaser AlzubaidiAugust 16, 2018

WhatsApp’s Latest Announcement is Another Win for the API Economy

The open-ecosystem strategy, which we at Avaya are deeply committed to, is one that offers peerless integration options for organisations. In our recent survey commissioned by Avaya, one of the key takeaways was consumer preferences in contacting enterprises—of all the digital channels available, consumers favoured WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger above the rest. Each were used, in the past six months, by 26% of those surveyed.

This is why we welcome WhatsApp’s recent decision to deliver an API for large enterprises, to accompany the one that it offers to SMBs—a bold and vital move that will provide companies like Avaya the means to broaden their communications platforms and give more choice to businesses and their customers.

Omnichannel communication is an obvious boon to the customer experience and APIs have become an indispensable part of this. This is most evident in the financial sector, where banks now recognise the need to cater to digital natives. Millennials can no longer be serviced by traditional channels alone; social-media options are imperative to meaningfully engaging with them and securing their business and loyalty. As a proof point, last year, in partnership with YouGov, we conducted a survey of banking customers, and 62.8% of EMEA respondents told us they expected the same level of service regardless of how they choose to contact their bank. Avaya’s strategic partnerships with the world’s 10 largest banks positions us as a CX leader in this sector, and we maintain this position by constantly gathering data on consumer preferences and tailoring our solution offerings to meet these customer needs.

Delivering APIs accelerates integration and rollout, allows platform providers to enhance CX at greater rates, and provides more security and cost efficiency. To cite a recent example, Avaya’s collaboration with the LINE Corporation allowed us to incorporate LINE Customer Connect (the most popular messaging app in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, with about 218 million monthly active users) with our existing offerings. That translated to significantly reduced costs and seamless communication continuity for contact centres, and broader voice and chat options for consumers.

Avaya’s approach to the API economy is built around our own open-ecosystem strategy. We collaborate with technology and channel partners to bring the one-stop shop to the end customer, with the understanding that no one vendor can fulfil all the complex demands of the digital native. We have reworked partnerships from the ground up, concentrating not on the number of technologies with which a solution can integrate, but on the value of the combined offering. We’re committed to partnerships based on unified visions and trust, as much as technology. And we look for providers to deliver connected, flexible, scalable platforms built on open standards.

Digital-transformation journeys can be rough roads. We focus on making those journeys smoother, with as few integration pit-stops as possible, to ultimately deliver experiences that matter.

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Yaser Alzubaidi

Based in Dubai � U.A.E., and a member of the Avaya International (EMEA/APAC) leadership team, Alzubaidi is a leader in Customer and Team Engagement Solutions for Avaya. He brings 25+ years� experience in business communications to helping enterprises enhance and expand their customer experiences with advanced technologies.

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