Steve BrockJuly 23, 2018

Why Should You Replace Your Perfectly Good Business Phone? Reason 2

The business phone is still the primary portal for the employee communications experience—and this experience has a large impact on business performance. Consider that:

The new Always onOmnichannelSocial and AI-generated communications world has increased workplace complexity. The desktop communications technology of most businesses has not kept pace with this new challenge. In one recent study, 33% of workers said the collaboration tools they used in their personal lives are better than the ones they use at work.

Avaya research further shows that employees want to be able to use the same level of technology they enjoy on their personal communications devices to do their jobs in the workplace. Research participants told us their personal communications “feels easy,” is “just there,” and is “part of what they already do.” “Just do what my Android phone does!” they said.

This research led to the problem statement: “How can we draw on the personal technology preferences of users to make work communication feel more natural?”

Addressing this challenge led to the creation of the new Avaya Desktop Experience which empowers employees with the same capabilities they enjoy on their personal devices—and much more. Avaya technology orchestrates the employee communications experience to mask complexity and deliver seamless simplicity.

Reason #2: Upgrading Your Phones Can Transform Your Employee Experience from Communications Chaos to Seamless Simplicity

Here is what your business communications can look like after you upgrade your desktop experience:

  • Making a call or joining a videoconference is as simple as just saying “Call Chris” or “Enter my next meeting.” And employees have confidence that the meeting experience is crystal clear and hassle free.
  • Employees can ask their desktop device to “play my favorite song” or “show the weather forecast” or basically ask it any question and instantly get the answer.
  • Connecting with a business contact is only one touch away—as is access to each employee’s favorite cloud-based apps.
  • Communications travel seamlessly from device to device—delivering the same user experience across all devices.

As was stated earlier, this simplicity can yield great benefits. Recent Avaya research indicates that Avaya’s new desktop devices can even reduce employee stress and increase employee collaboration. Less stress means healthier employees. And more collaboration means a healthier business.

And here’s another stress reducer:  Avaya is currently offering a special deal for customers who trade in their existing phones and trade up to the latest Avaya phones and devices. Now is a great time to upgrade your employee desktop experience from Good to Great!

Still need more persuasion to investigate upgrading your phones? Learn more in our blog about Reason #1—Modern Technology Can Accelerate Your Business. And check back soon for Reason #3.


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