Steve BrockJuly 10, 2018

Why Should You Replace Your Perfectly Good Business Phone? Reason 1

For a limited time, Avaya is offering a significant discount to businesses that trade in their existing phones and purchase Avaya’s latest desktop devices. Our research shows that the newest IP smartphones can help increase productivity and job satisfaction, improve customer service, and drive more team collaboration.

We know you may not think much about a new business phone being able to improve your employee and customer experiences. A desktop business phone is not exactly something that gets people talking. So why invest in new phones if your existing business phones appear to be working perfectly fine? There are several reasons. Starting here, we’ll explain each one in a series of blogs.

Reason #1: Modern Technology Can Accelerate Your Business

A recent survey of U.S. business executives, managers and consultants indicates that workplace tech has a huge impact on both job acceptance and skilled worker retention. But you don’t need research to tell you that when people walk into a business that has antiquated phones, their opinion of that business can suffer. Avaya research indicates that many employees—especially the newest generation of workers—want their business desktop devices to be more like their personal smartphones.

Avaya’s new Essential Experience IP Phones include a unique interface that employees can personalize. They can add their own background wallpaper. They can customize the screensaver. They can move items on their display around to just the way they like it. They can even use a calendar.

And the Avaya Vantage Device goes even further in bringing consumer smartphone technology to the business desktop. This Android device keeps your IT staff in full control. But it takes personalization to a whole new level. The large all-glass display is completely customizable. (Yesterday I saw a Vantage user had added an animated aquarium as their background wallpaper!) Millions of apps are available. And Avaya Vantage’s nine different form factors means that each employee preference and business need can be satisfied.

Avaya research indicates that giving employees the ability to personalize their devices can increase their productivity, their job satisfaction, and their customer service. Another benefit is that it drives more phone usage, which means more team and customer collaboration. Combine these benefits with higher job acceptance and skilled worker retention rates—and I think you will agree that it’s time to for your business to trade up to a new level of business communications performance.

Need more? Check back soon for reason #2.

Why Should You Replace Your Perfectly Good Business Phone? Reason 1

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