Mike KuchJuly 13, 2018

It’s Time to Get in the Game with Avaya Aura

The latest release of Avaya Aura has just hit the streets and like a beautifully played World Cup goal, it’s getting roars of approval. At its heart, Avaya Aura Release 8 is a new game plan for communications and collaboration. Designed to meet the needs of so many of our customers, that game plan includes:

  1. Build a Strong Team. Strong teams need strong support. How about a team collaboration space that includes all the sharing, messaging, conferencing and task management tools you need to keep a team on-track and productive? This is a different way to work that’s exploded in popularity largely because it’s a far more efficient way for teams to communicate and collaborate. Integrated into Avaya Equinox, it’s available any place, on any device, so access remains simple and intuitive—always a winning strategy.
  2. Stay Flexible. Pulling compute resources from the cloud is gaining rapid momentum, with Nemertes reporting 82% of enterprises now using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for at least some of their needs. That’s up from just 19% five years ago. Flexibility is driving this growth. Scaling up and down as requirements change makes sense and new choices, including Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, give our customers even more ways to move their infrastructure “ball” down the field.
  3. Keep What Works Well, But Be Open to What’s Better. Our latest release allows CS1000 customers to carry forward their existing UNIStim phones onto Avaya Aura while also providing the ability to twin an adapted phone with Avaya Equinox. For many, it’s the perfect solution: they can keep the experience they know and trust at the desktop while also providing all the power of true Unified Communications on their device of choice.
  4. Protect the Goalie and Reduce the Attacker’s Options. Mitigation for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities are included in this release along with a couple of nice call resiliency options that keep calls and features available even if your network takes a penalty. My favorite is call preservation on network failure. If you walk outside your WiFi coverage while on a call, Avaya Aura will reestablish the call through your cellular provider automatically—no manual intervention required.
  5. Seize Opportunities. If you haven’t spoken to your partner or Avaya representative yet about what the Loyalty2Gether program can do for your new game plan, I encourage you to move quickly. Time is running out to take advantage of our best upgrade offer ever.

We’re down to the finals in the World Cup but for Avaya Aura Release 8, the game is just beginning. Team collaboration, investment and experience protection, security and reliability enhancements are all part of the enterprise playbook and with the strength this new release brings to the field, you’ll never have to rely on penalty kicks to win.

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Mike Kuch

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