Avaya StaffJuly 25, 2018

Strengthening Our Partner Network with the Avaya Master Agent Program

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I’ve had my eye on Avaya for a while. It’s a company that’s a leader in its category with a strong history of innovation. I’ve been so impressed with Avaya’s cloud investments and how the new Avaya leadership team has transformed the business that I didn’t hesitate to join the company when I was offered to lead the Avaya Master Agent Program.

In my role, I’ll leverage the experience and successes I’ve acquired throughout my career. As one of the founders of Time Warner Cable’s channel program, we built a highly successful national distribution through the industry’s top Master Agents. The company was nearly 100% direct sales focused back at launch in 2009. With a stellar team, robust channel support model, and great product capabilities, we grew the Master Agent channel program to 15% of the company’s new monthly sales, which significantly contributed to its aggressive B2B growth targets.

As Avaya moves into fiscal year 2019, we’ll double down on helping our partners harness the power of Avaya cloud communication and collaboration services and our strong brand. The new Avaya Master Agent Program will enable and incentivize partners—our trusted advisors—to offer a variety of cloud solutions to their customers by leveraging the strong portfolio of Avaya offerings.

While the program is still in its early stages, we’re investing heavily in growing the strategic partnerships we have in place. Going forward, we’ll continue to accelerate sales with those partnerships through stellar support, expansion of our cloud and contact center solutions portfolio, incentives, and service delivery automation. Additionally, further down the road, we’ll look at expanding into partnerships with other master agents who are focused on growth opportunities in selling cloud.

Engagement with selling agents in the field is a big area of focus for our team. I’ve quickly realized we have a top-notch support team with a very enticing offering but we haven’t yet connected with the majority of the field selling agents of our Master Agent partners. So, getting our team in the best possible position to engage with agents in the field will be our top priority.

Finally, what makes our Avaya program truly unique is its strong brand recognition in the industry, in addition to a customizable UC offering with the ability to mix and match seat licenses. We have a huge installed base with millions of existing on-premise systems ready for migration. All of this combined strongly positions Avaya to help our partners better assist customers, maintain market share, and stay competitive without sacrificing service. Wins all around!