Savio Tovar DiasJune 20, 2018

Stop Thinking of Problems! Instead Think Experiences Outcomes

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Today, with the pace of change, true innovation comes through collaborative thinking, on technology, business models and outcomes. Everyone is looking to deliver a differentiated experience. As humanity moved from the analogue to the digital age, man has created ever-greater challenges and opportunities, which must be met with a marketplace of ideas, therefore as our challenges change, so too must our thinking.

No matter what the reason, the common factor driving transformational change is the need to focus on delivering differentiated customer experiences. This shift requires an internal cultural transformation. Anybody who reads the business pages knows that we at Avaya have undergone a major cultural transformation. Within Avaya, digital transformation imposed certain cultural dynamics on us. Now we are taking our own experience of cultural transformation out across the world to help our customers make their own unique cultural change.

There is always resistance to or misunderstanding about change. Yet, the key factor in achieving success is not the delivery of new technologies—it’s understanding the relevance of technology to a business outcome. Uniqueness in the way Avaya CX platforms integrate data from multiple sources and embed AI creates a huge scope for collaborative innovation. A company can use our platform for one thing, whilst another might tailor it to deliver a totally different kind of outcome. All our engagements with customers are collaborative and we learn from them as much as they learn from us. We innovate together! When enterprises see how they can personalize their experience, innovate, and truly improve the customer experience, cultural transformation becomes much easier.

New technologies are no longer an external force applied to a company—they are key to making work intuitive, smarter, and far more productive. Those that embrace disruptive technology shifts as well as welcome a culture of transformation are those that benefit the most. The shift is not informing, but understanding the business of our customers—actively listening more intently to the customer and creating new solutions together. This would include companies having to adopt new performance metrics now that it’s no longer how many calls you get through in an hour that matters, but rather the quality of the experience.

As we drive this new sales engagement with our customers, it becomes increasingly collaborative. We help our customers address new markets and younger demographics by helping them understand how to approach their customers through the right channels. Today we have banks that are integrating video and social media channels like WeChat as a customer service channel. We have government entities integrating drones into their collaboration strategy to provide visibility to leaders.

From within Avaya we have embraced change. We have adopted a more agile, younger mindset. We’re hiring atypically because we see the value in people with a fresh approach or who are passionate about disrupting everything they touch. So, when we go globe-trotting to see how our customers are coping with their own cultural transformations, we let them know that we are not the entire solution to their challenge, but together we collaborate to deliver an outcome.

Stop Thinking of Problems! Instead Think Experiences <amp></amp> Outcomes

Savio Tovar Dias

Savio Tovar Dias has 18+ years' experience in the Communications industry, spanning ATamp;T, Lucent Technologies, and currently Avaya. He leads Technical Operations for Avaya in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, India, China and Russia. Savio puts focus on customers' consumption of technology and driving new channel models based on XaaS, Cloud, and Managed Services.

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