Mike KuchJune 04, 2018

Death, Taxes … Email? Avoid the Latter with IP Office Team Collaboration

How many emails did you get today? It’s a trick question. The answer is always “too many.” The steady stream of messages to your inbox, from every point of the compass, has become a fixture of life in the 21st century. Thankfully, now there’s a better way—a way that promises to reduce the size of our inboxes and provide a more intelligent flow of communications into our work lives. The fact is, most email is not random. We tend to work on tasks or projects with others, in teams. So rather than sending out emails, what if we could organize our communications to align with those teams and projects that occupy most of our work day? At Avaya we call this Team Collaboration.

Think of Team Collaboration as a virtual “war room”—one room for each of the projects and teams that make up your day. One of the key benefits is the ability to Instant Message and Chat with team members. Messages are in context and they’re persistent—if I’m traveling and miss the weekly meeting I can scan the chat quickly and get myself back up to speed. The most obvious impact of this is a rapid reduction in email. Each Team Collaboration space provides that virtual watercooler where we can catch our colleagues and quickly get to resolution, without the delays and frustration of email.

But the capabilities in Team Collaboration go well beyond messaging. They include a file repository, a task assignment engine, and perhaps, most importantly, a full real-time collaboration capability (video + content sharing) so we can drop into a meeting whenever needed. Many of my meetings need to include extended team members from outside Avaya. With our Cloud-based Team Collaboration that’s never an issue—anyone with an email address and an internet connection can join as a team member.

If Team Collaboration sounds interesting then I’m happy to announce it is now available on both of Avaya’s core unified communications platforms: Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office. What’s even better is that Team Collaboration is fully integrated with Avaya Equinox, Avaya’s go-to solution for unified communications.

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know that Avaya Equinox allows users to stay reachable and on top of their day from any location. Avaya Equinox’s design is based on an intuitive, top-of-mind status with your calendar and communications in one place, so you can quickly see meetings, messages, and call history. You can take immediate action with one touch and even when you’re mobile, there’s zero compromise: HD video and voice deliver clarity and make any user, from any device, a full participant.

We’ve had Avaya Equinox in market for Avaya Aura for some time, but with our latest release we’re extending that availability to IP Office and adding Team Collaboration to both platforms—it’s a strong testament to Avaya’s continuing delivery of innovation to our customers.

One more thing you should know: our Team Collaboration capability is being offered exclusively from the cloud. This means that customers have the ultimate in flexibility. They can add unified communications without touching their premises infrastructure or, if they already get their core Avaya solution from the cloud, their cloud solution provider can rapidly turn up these new capabilities quickly and easily.

Team Collaboration gives me all the benefits of a meeting room while fitting into the modern world of distributed and mobile teams—it’s back to the future for the way I get work done. And with luck it also means I can trim the inevitability list back to just “death and taxes.”

Death, Taxes � Email? Avoid the Latter with IP Office Team Collaboration

Mike Kuch

Mike is the Senior Director for Solutions Marketing at Avaya. He focuses on Marketing of Team Engagement solutions with emphasis on bringing new Cloud offers to Market. He is veteran in the technology industry, specializing in bringing pioneering technologies into new and established markets.

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