Craig IwataJune 06, 2018

New: Capture Measure Call Data with Avaya Call Reporting

In any industry, finding call reporting solutions for small and midsize (and growing) businesses can be tough. A common challenge for businesses is the complete visibility and active tracking of employees calls. Have you ever questioned what happens during each call your employees make? It is difficult and time-consuming to track and manage an employee’s actions and pinpoint where they might need help. Historically, for many businesses call tracking has been difficult and not always accurate. Attempting to track employee’s calls can take away valuable time from managers and then only result in frustration. This is where Avaya Call Reporting for Avaya IP Office™ can help.

Why Avaya Call Reporting?

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and Avaya Call Reporting is a new application for IP Office that lets you track and report on each employee’s progress. It was created with our customers in mind, understanding that they want more detail, gathered in an easier way, all while spending less money. Improving on what’s been historically available within IP Office, Avaya Call Reporting is a call history reporting suite that’s designed to track and help you analyze calls. It provides information about calls from beginning to end, with an easy-to-use interface, making tracking employees easy and cost-effective.

What Makes Avaya Call Reporting Different?

Avaya Call Reporting looks at a call from the base level. Meaning Avaya Call Reporting can give you true reporting from start to finish. With this cradle-to-grave reporting and tracking, you can see all the details of inbound, outbound, and internal calls made within your business. Avaya Call Reporting offers up extensive detail of every call by providing ringing, talking, queue, hold and transfer events for all the play-by-play details from start to finish.

Our customers have been asking for a simple way to run historical reports from their phones systems. Before Avaya Call Reporting, this required a complete contact center solution, which was expensive and complex to install, and only reported on the contact center activity rather than every call. With Avaya Call Reporting, you can purchase only the reporting capabilities you need, install it in minutes, and start using the interface to track your employees and increase your organization’s success.

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Craig Iwata

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