Bernard GutnickMay 10, 2018

Avaya and Verint Adds Up to a Great Partnership and a Great CX

It’s always fun when my kids ask me for help with their math homework. Lately I want to tell them that 1+1=1. No, it’s not so I never get asked for help again. It’s simply that math questions are making me think about how in our current business world, 1 Avaya + 1 Verint = 1 great strategic partnership focused on ensuring a great customer experience.

Verint Engage 2018 Conference

At Avaya, we’re pleased to be a silver sponsor of the upcoming Verint Engage 2018 Conference May 14-17 in Dallas. We’ll be demonstrating our Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization solution as well as highlighting our strategic partnership with Verint. Stop by our booth and see for yourself how to:

  • Transform your customer engagement strategy while making your resources more effective
  • Harness the voice of your customer
  • Anticipate contact volumes
  • Enable front-line support personnel to be more successful

It seems like it was just yesterday when Verint was a sponsor at Avaya’s Engage 2018 Conference in February in New Orleans. If you missed us there, or want to continue a conversation, please book time with an Avaya expert at the Verint conference in Dallas—just send a message to Avaya Events.

Calculate Contact Center Improvements in Five Minutes

Even though my days of calculus are long gone, my appreciation for financial models certainly is not. We all know contact centers need sophisticated models for streamlining service processes and optimizing personnel. But where should you start? We’ve taken the guess work out with an online calculator that shows you productivity and cost improvements for your contact center. The tool is easy to use, takes just five minutes, and requires only basic operational information to generate a custom cost savings report. Get a read on potential improvements and savings in five strategic areas:

  1. employee productivity
  2. quality management
  3. transaction handle time
  4. call volume
  5. sales effectiveness

Learn More in Our Get Smart Webinar Now On Demand

In January I hosted a webinar “Avaya and Verint – A Global Customer Engagement Partnership,” where we shared solutions that help contact center operators empower their teams for serving customers. Kristyn Emenecker, Verint’s Global Vice President of the Product Strategy Group and Karen Hardy, Avaya’s Vice President of Product Marketing and Solutions explained why the partnership works well and how it continues to evolve. They reviewed how artificial intelligence is playing a greater role in contact centers than ever before, with Workforce Optimization technology at the heart of the customer experience imperative.

We look forward to meeting you at the Verint Engage 2018 Conference. See you soon!

Avaya and Verint Adds Up to a Great Partnership and a Great CX - Blog

Bernard Gutnick

Bernard Gutnick is the Senior Director of the Engagement Evangelist organization at Avaya. His team's charter is to drive adoption of the company's suite of engagement solutions. Prior to joining Avaya, Bernard held senior leadership positions at ShoreTel, TerreStar Networks, Sylantro Systems and Covad Communications.

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