Vandana BrarMarch 12, 2018

Increase Team Collaboration with Avaya Customizable Smart Desktop Device

About 80% of companies still use siloed, manual tools that make seamless team collaboration near impossible. Consider IT: 60% of teams admit they need more than 15 minutes just to identify who should respond to an incident.Meanwhile, over half of managers believe their company’s marketing processes are too complicated. It’s astounding that these collaboration barriers still exist in today’s smart, digital world.

So, where does the problem lie? We can identify a couple of areas to explore:

  • Teams want a collaboration environment that fits how they work
    About 75% of managers say they want simple, self-service tools that are as easy to use as Amazon or FedEx. Meanwhile, 71% of employees want their employer to provide them with the same level of technology they use in their personal lives. Traditional enterprise software is shifting to support new workflows and behaviors, and it’s revolutionizing the way companies (and people) work.

    Are enterprises neglecting this critical opportunity to transform? Even if they are shifting, are they ensuring that team collaboration is user-defined?

  • Businesses should be able to create their own communication and collaboration solutions
    If you can imagine a communications solution, you should be able to create it—simple as that. This requires open, adaptable technology that delivers the personalization users need to thrive and the flexibility businesses need to grow.

    For example, an HR team may want to build an automated application for employee onboarding and training. Or, a sales manager may want to embed video into his team’s existing application to collaborate on leads and close more deals. As work processes become more complex, businesses need flexible and contextual communications to optimize resources and maximize outcomes.

Collaboration that Lasts

Businesses can’t afford to invest in technology that’s not built to last, both physically and in value. Not only should companies be able to bring their best concepts to life, but these solutions should be created with enduring value. That is, they should be malleable enough to deliver on constantly changing business trends and user demands.

What do we mean by this? Consider that by 2020, Gartner predicts 30% of Web browsing sessions will be done without a screen, and “contextualization algorithms” will positively alter the behavior of over 1 billion global workers. Can your current communications platform support these changes?

One Simple, Unified User Experience

What we mean here is one platform with one single login for all team collaboration needs: high-scale audio conferencing, web collaboration, HD video, etc. This eliminates the need for users to hop in and out of multiple different apps (60% of teams use three or more).

In the End

Businesses want employees to push boundaries and go beyond what’s expected, yet this is impossible without solutions that actually allow them to. Too many companies have been trapped in a cycle of poor collaboration for too long.

We like to think Avaya Vantage is the device businesses need to add to their toolboxes. This innovative, customizable desktop device transcends longstanding collaboration barriers with simple, instant and natural engagement enterprise-wide. Vantage boasts out-of-box support for Avaya Equinox (our mobile-first UC client built for anytime, anywhere, any-device collaboration) as well as the Avaya Breeze Client SDK (which lets users create or embed real-time communications into social, mobile, video and cloud).

This unique set up allows companies to create industry-specific, user-defined communications applications across the entire enterprise. Businesses can use ready-made applications from Avaya, install existing apps from the Google Play Store, or embed custom communication features directly into business processes to meet exact user and vertical needs. The device offers administrator control over which applications can be installed, as well as an easy, single-step login for both the device and all communication applications. Learn more about Avaya Vantage.

See Avaya Vantage at Enterprise Connect 2018

Vantage is the secret weapon companies need in today’s era of engagement. And be sure to visit the Avaya Solutions Showcase (booth 1918) at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando on March 12 from 4-7 pm, March 13 from 12-6 pm, and March 14 from 12-5 pm where the Avaya Desktop Experience will be on display. In addition to Avaya Vantage, you can see demonstrations of Avaya’s new Essential Experience smart devices, new Hospitality smart devices, and Conferencing Experience smart devices including the new CU-360 Collaboration Unit.

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Vandana Brar

Vandana Brar is Senior Product Manager at Avaya, leading new video desktop device innovation as part of the Endpoints portfolio. Vandana is responsible for the introduction and go-to-market initiatives of the Avaya Vantage Franchise. With an engineering background, Vandana has over 20 years experience in telecommunications hardware, software, and cloud product management.

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