Mike KuchMarch 29, 2018

Fast Out of the Gate: Start a CS1000 Migration with Avaya Loyalty2gether

I love to watch horses explode out of the gate at the track. The raw power and drive of a thoroughbred unleashed on 10 furlongs takes my breath away every time. I guess I’ve been thinking about this lately because the Kentucky Derby is now only a few weeks away. It’s an iconic event that heralds the arrival of spring, the return of green to my lawn, and the growth of the new season. And I’ve been thinking about racehorses as well because it’s an analogy we’ve been using around the office to talk about the uptake of Avaya Communication Server 1000 migrations.

It’s now been just under two months since we met with our customers in New Orleans at Engage 2018, where we introduced the Loyalty2gether promotion. Since then, the momentum has been building rapidly. Our customers are eager to move forward with Avaya. They understand the benefits a new platform can bring to their business, and a quick demo of Avaya Equinox invariably leads to a question along the lines of “How soon can I get this?” Many are surprised at the level of investment and experience protection that the Loyalty2gether program brings and even more with the fact that Avaya Equinox is an entitlement when they migrate.

Still, it can seem like a daunting task to let go of a solution that has worked so well for so long and replace it with something new. Customers often ask us for examples of how the process has gone with others. In response let me point to two examples. We just released the State of Montana case study, which outlines the many benefits—including significant costs savings—that a migration to Avaya Aura brought to this CS1000 customer. The State’s widely distributed locations, the need to carefully step each branch of the government through the upgrade without interrupting service, and the need for high reliability, including E911 services, all made for a challenging situation. So how did we do? To quote Jeff Unger, the Voice Architect at State of Montana: “Avaya tech support is A-Number-1.”

Another migration example is McMaster University. McMaster is a research university, with over 30,000 students and is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. Paula Brown-Hackett, Senior IT Manager at McMaster University stated “The amount of money we’re spending for the value we’re getting is incredible. Moving forward with Avaya was the ultimate no-brainer.” Paula’s boss, John P. Kearney, Chief Information Officer, McMaster University, went further and said, “The migration from the legacy Nortel Meridian systems has been seamless, cost-effective and very beneficial. Avaya clearly understands what it takes to efficiently transform a large university such as McMaster from a traditional voice-based system into a best-in-class, unified and converged platform that will serve our communications needs for many years to come.”

Strong words from both customers and words we take to heart whenever we approach a new migration opportunity. In fact, we’ve been working very hard to add even more value to our migration story. You’ve heard me speak about these in previous blogs but as a reminder, we’ll soon be offering customers the ability to carry forward CS1000 UNIStim phones to Avaya Aura. And for customers who want a new desktop experience, Loyalty2gether offers unprecedented savings on new devices. Plus, support extends to new options for applications and features that help make the transition for users as transparent as possible.

Cloud is another opportunity that’s on just about everyone’s mind these days. And there too, Avaya has you covered. If migration off of CS1000 means moving to the cloud for your business, Loyalty2gether can help you make the transition, helping you convert to an OPEX model with the flexibility to rapidly scale your solutions and applications to a level that’s just right for your business—both today and tomorrow.

Loyalty2gether is shaping up to be a thoroughbred program—one that we expect will take our CS1000 customers around the track to a new solution in record-breaking time. If you’re not familiar with the details, I’d encourage you to meet with your Avaya or Avaya Partner representative to understand your options and the value of your existing investments, and to learn more about just how smooth the migration can be. Or, as a starting point, you can visit the CS1000 homepage right now to be off to the races.

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