Shaping the Connected World for 2018 Sports Fans: Avaya Smart Stadium

Shaping the Connected World for 2018 Sports Fans: Avaya Smart Stadium

The season for soccer is upon us as we usher in our fourth year at Avaya Stadium. The San Jose Earthquakes face off against the Minnesota United FC on Saturday, March 3 as the 2018 regular season for Major League Soccer begins. While the #Quakes74 (and probably some of you) eat, sleep and play soccer, here at Avaya, we tend to eat, sleep and shape a connected world. Especially in sports. Our smart stadium solutions are designed and deployed to bring technology and people together. Spending on digital transformation technologies is expected to reach $1.3 trillion in 2018 and increase to $1.7 trillion in 2019 globally. At #AvayaStadium, the transformation has already taken position, and we’re ready to play.

Leading with a mobile-first engagement environment, the stadium is outfitted with the future-thinking software and hardware necessary to provide contextual, predictive, experiential engagement across the gameday experience. Fans are no longer passive spectators—they are active and seeking experience-driven touchpoints before, on the way to, during, and even after a match is over.

At the first cloud-enabled stadium in the MLS, “cloud capabilities power fan experiences, team communications, and operational excellences that are all shaped by intelligent connections with Avaya Technology,” supports Mercer Rowe, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud at Avaya. When you think Avaya, you think cloud.

That’s why, in our fourth season we’re proud to be part of a team that’s sold over a million tickets to 47 of 48 sold-out games since the inaugural season (when the stadium started using advanced contact center technology)

Connecting Fans

Our ultimate game-winning goal is to provide technology that supports and adds to the gameday experience—rather than distracts or detracts from the experience. This summer, the mobile app ecosystem turns 10. At first mobile apps were novel, and at times a bit inconvenient. Now, mobile apps and a mobile-first mindset are driving the sports industry more than ever.

The Avaya Stadium Mobile App is an integral part of the San Jose Earthquakes and Silicon Valley culture. It keeps fans and the community connected all season long with real-time, instant access to team info, league scores, Quakes activity stream, matchday insights, stadium details, services, amenities and more. Hosted in the cloud, the mobile app platform can scale from one user to 18,000 concurrent users in the smart stadium

Equipped with the Avaya Stadium Mobile App, the San Jose Earthquakes were one of the first MLS teams to go with 100% digital tickets for a seamless experience from the front gates to the seats. We know in an app economy you don’t want to switch between multiple apps. It’s about a one-app approach to your favorite team. We provide a comprehensive in-app experience by integrating with other services and vendors—like Ticketmaster for easy ticket management and an MLS data API for up-to-the-minute live and post-game data across the leagu

Connecting Business Opportunities

But it’s much more than just the fans that are impacted. Seamless, reliable, and efficient experiences must now extend to other smart stadium channels such as the teams, operators, club owners, support staff, contact center agents, vendors, etc. To cover the spectrum, stadiums and arenas must be outfitted with world-class Wi-Fi, interactive displays, user-friendly mobile apps, business intelligence systems, smart sensors, as well as omnichannel tools and dashboards that keep everyone connected to everything.

The Avaya Stadium Executive Briefing Center

It’s important to keep in mind that business—especially the sports business—is mobile and fluid and can happen anywhere, any time. To support knowledge and research around stadium tech, we’ve built one of the world’s largest Executive Briefing Centers right into Avaya Stadium. This center fully uses and demonstrates the Avaya technology and solutions and it’s always ready for out-of-the-box, on-demand customer meetings, executive briefings, and even client appreciation events.

Avaya Stadium is outfitted with a superior communications infrastructure, state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities, social touchpoints, Wi-Fi, jersey, cleats and all. Factor in customer engagement, team engagement and cloud solutions—and this in-stadium EBC is ready to play ball.

With the in-stadium EBC, Avaya extends the reach of our Santa Clara headquarters and increases our EBC footprint by 132,551 square feet. We’ve added extensive space for briefing rooms and gathering areas. We’ve expanded capacity to reach another 18,000 persons by showcasing executive-level touchpoints throughout Avaya Stadium.

We know requirements can vary from meeting to meeting, event to event, gameday to gameday, so it’s important our environments are flexible, scalable, and ready to meet the demands of modern customers and fans. But what do modern customers and fans want? Mobile-first, mobile-ready, on-the-go capabilities.

Connecting with Each Other

It’s a fact that consumer-facing businesses need to add digital thinking and technology cross-functionally to their operations, marketing, sales, etc. At #AvayaSports, we use digital innovation to drive smart stadiums where on-site capabilities deliver fast, meaningful, all-access, all-inclusive engagement experience.

In addition to the opening game on March 3, we’re here all season so be sure to visit the Avaya Fan Engagement booth and let us know what you think as we go #ForwardAsOne. Talk, tweet, or tune in as we kick off a new season cheering on our hometown heroes, the #Quakes74. Connections happen here at #AvayaStadium.

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