Alex MisevskiFebruary 12, 2018

Zang, Breeze and the IoT: Some Things Are Just Better Together

Peanut butter and jelly. Wine and cheese. Simon and Garfunkel. Let’s face it—some things are just better together. And with that spirit in mind, today we’re highlighting the work of Valerie Heath, who is hard at work managing and developing in Avaya’s Sandbox Labs to demonstrate what happens when you combine Zang, Breeze and the Internet of Things.

As Val sees it, the most common use cases most frequently associated with the IoT are notification services and dynamic team formation. And by leveraging a Zang workflow or Breeze, she is now designing outreach interactions that can be triggered when an IoT sensor device experiences a condition that was identified to warrant attention.

What might that look like for your business?

Imagine that you’re the manager of a hotel, off duty for the night as your electrical system begins to malfunction. Your IoT-enabled system recognizes that the values of the system have been exceeded and that further action is necessary.

Zang workflows or Breeze can design an outreach interaction to look up a list of people needed to respond, determine who’s on call, and inform all necessary team members via SMS, prompting them to text back to either acknowledge the alert or indicate that they are not available to respond. The workflow will escalate notifications until the appropriate response team is formed, even enabling dynamic team formation through links to a conference bridge or meeting space.

This ensures that the proper individual responds quickly before the electrical issue becomes more drastic, and helps all involved individuals rapidly congregate to develop a plan of action.

And in the event that your IoT device has malfunctioned or requires additional support, your workflows can even open a CRM ticket to schedule service for an affected device.

Bringing together the power of Zang, Breeze and the IoT, Val is proving that some things are indeed better together. By harnessing the power of Zang Cloud, Breeze and the Internet of Things, you’ll be able to better respond to the myriad of challenges facing business operations today. To learn more, or get started yourself, click here.

For more use cases of Zang Cloud workflows involving the IoT, read this article featuring Andrew Prokop, Director of Emerging Technologies at Arrow Connect, and see what happens when the Cloud meets the IoT.


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