Andy SteenJanuary 23, 2018

Shaping the Connected World – Avaya to Power the Big Game In U.S. Football

Let’s get ready for football! For the 8th consecutive year, Avaya and WBL Services are shaping the connected world and powering the biggest game in U.S. Football. “Stand up and cheer. Stomp your feet. Start clapping. Sunday night’s about to happen.” It’s time for the Big Game!

This year, the Big Game is being hosted at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, February 4, 2018, where technical preparations are already underway to support and act as the football Command Center. WBL Services provides the management of technology, data and telecommunications for major NFL events, and in partnership with Avaya, will be connecting critical communications from the field, to the officials, to the upper boxes where winning game time decisions are made.

Get set. Let’s go!

Avaya’s 21st-Century technology and solutions will cover the arena’s 1.75 million square feet of space that can accommodate up to 75,000 fans for special events such as #SBLII. The Avaya Platform will be provisioned across licenses to provide advanced Unified Communications reliability leading up to and throughout the festivities for the Big Game.

Configurations on the Avaya Platform equate to 99.99% reliability and uptime for a dependable link between story creators, shot callers, playmakers, and whistle blowers. In fact, the call from the President of the US to the winning team will be made on Avaya, delivering all-star service for the league’s champions.

But what’s happening off the field is almost as important as to what’s happening on the field. How else would the 111 million, global fans get their game day fix if not for the 5,000-credentialed media shooting out real-time updates live from the on-site headquarters? Even getting to and from the stadium for site walk-throughs, warm-ups, and the game itself, will be supported by the transportation call center, used to dispatch transportation for media, press and team. Once on-site, the entire complex will be laced with Avaya’s Communication Manager for instant ring downcapabilities and media needs that are the most on-demand, and necessary, for any game all season.

Pre-game planning and strategizing can play a pivotal role in the Big Game as well. Play designs, lineups, and rival assessments are all happening in concert from the time the top 2 teams earn their spot to the very minute the ball leaves the tee at kick-off. Some of the most critical decisions are happening just days before, when the teams are at their respective hotels. With the help of Avaya IP Office™ Platform, transforms the way these competing teams conduct business with more seamless team engagement across 9611 endpoints and mobile-firstvideo-enabledexperiences with the Avaya Equinox™ Experience.

These types of reliable, scalable, distributed IT/telephony services are what have kept Avaya as the #1 seed forteam, fan, and customer engagement environments at the Big Game 8 years running. Avaya’s flexible portfolio adapts to new and legacy infrastructures seamlessly blending current technology with analog equipment. So, no matter the location, demographic, or media coverage, we can expand and contract to meet the needs of the stadium.

Most recently, Avaya technology powered the first U.S. Football Mexico Game held on November 19, 2017, at Aztec Stadium in Mexico City.  Both teams of the cross-border game were playing on unfamiliar turf.  But when it comes to Avaya, we’ve always got the home-field advantage.

But looking forward to the biggest game in US Football, we’re looking forward to delivering winning solutions to the larger of the “Twin Cities” for the 10 days of events leading up to game day!

It’s America’s game, we’ve been waiting all season long, and at Avaya we’re connecting everyone to everything. Grab your jersey, some snacks and let’s get ready for some football. The big game is here!

Andy Steen

Andrea "Andy" Steen specializes in leading internal and external strategic communication initiatives with an expertise in managing and developing high-performing communication teams and social, digital, mobile-led business solutions. She also leads Avaya's Sports Marketing Team. Follow her at @andydances.

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