How to Improve Your Customer Experience with 2-Way SMS

How to Improve Your Customer Experience with 2-Way SMS

Every savvy business leader today knows that customer experience must be regarded as fundamental for their organization’s success. But what about the fundamentals that build a superior customer experience?

Ultimately, it all comes down to dialogue. Your organization must strive to truly hear what your customers have to say, and you’ve got to find a way to conveniently disseminate vital information.

That said, how can we come to an understanding of our customers without having a truly two-way dialogue with them? There are plenty of different ways to make this a reality, but oftentimes it requires the help of an IT department or fully staffed contact center—not necessarily an option for all businesses.

Fortunately, Valerie Heath—Developer Evangelist and Head of the Avaya Collaboratory—has been hard at work making it possible for anyone to be able to build their own 2-way SMS workflow. Even if you’ve never developed a line of code before.

Here’s how Valerie did it.

Valerie started out working in Zang Worfklows to build two-way SMS capabilities to send messages out and receive messages back from customers. Working in Breeze, she then added automated solutions to ensure that customers can get the service they need without taking up you and your team’s available resources.

Valerie imagines several helpful use cases:

In one, a caller receives a message to press 1 to get a text back with the information they’re seeking. In another, a customer receives an SMS notice about a bill or subscription. With Valerie’s 2-Way SMS Connector, customers can then send a yes or no response, confirm a number, or even press 3 to acknowledge they have a problem, at which point answers are sent to a support case.

You can even make service renewals simpler. Your business can text customers to let them know their service is about to expire, and all they’ll need to do is press 1 to renew.

And if your customer is looking for more thorough insights, they can experience fully automated dialogue with a workflow or a chatbot.

All of these interactions throughout the customer journey automatically record in your CRM or contact center software too, making future contacts more personalized and engaging as well.

Who might want to use Valerie’s 2-Way SMS Connector?

Contact centers will certainly benefit, as it represents a great omni-channel solution for agents tasked with either inbound or outbound messaging campaigns. Marketing Providers will also be thrilled to use this tool, as it will enable them to get a clearer understanding of their consumers and will support marketing campaigns. LOB managers, tasked with numerous integrated responsibilities and the oversight of databases, will get a much clearer picture of their customers.

And of course, your customers will love it too. For many consumers today, making phone calls is just about the last thing they want to use their phone for. They want to text, and they want hasty resolution to their inquiries without talking to three different representatives from your company.

As the head of the Avaya Collaboratory, Valerie and her team are always cooking up new and innovative solutions to the challenges blocking great companies from delivering a great customer experience. Developers can apply for a Sandbox to use as a place to experiment, and all customers with a fully installed Breeze stack can begin developing and experimenting to find their own solutions.

Zang Cloud is a robust development platform — create what you need, integrate it seamlessly with your current communications systems and go! Get started using Zang Cloud for free today. 

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