David ChavezJanuary 24, 2018

Introducing the Avaya Simple Digital Transformation Journey Index

As Avaya continues to help businesses with their Digital Transformation Journey efforts, we decided to enhance our customer experience mobile application to help customers understand how mature their digital transformation efforts are. Since there is no standard for digital transformation Journey maturity, we decided to opt for something rather straightforward. It would provide a glance at potential maturity without requiring answers to a large number of detailed questions and also means that time consuming effort to answer a number of open ended questions would also not be needed.

By asking just 5 questions, we can then create a quick metric having only 6 discrete values, a number from 0 to 5. The scored can be described as follows (in all cases DT is used to denote “Digital Transformation”):

5 = DT Mature. The organization has a comprehensive approach to DT with many capabilities developed and in development. This organization is likely ahead of the industry in their approach and likely characterized by their cutting edge technology choices.

4 = DT Savvy. This organization has a well-considered approach to DT with many capabilities developed or in planning. While this organization is also likely ahead of the industry in their planning, it is likely also balancing opportunity with risk and cost.

3 = DT Progressive. This organization is considering which DT aspects best fit their business strategy. Some choices are subject to debate, perhaps vigorously. This organization is likely noted for their considered approaches and still progressive with respect to areas considered most critical.

2 = DT Initiated. This organization has started the DT journey. There is clear commitment to transformation, but the debate on timing and potential benefits and returns is still being waged. This organization is likely noted for their caution and seeks clear returns before investment commitment.

1 = DT Dabbling. This organization is new to the DT world. Its possible that the business has a large embedded customer base, and that changes represent significant investment and therefore careful study. DT is perceived to be important but perhaps not disruptive to the market in question.

0 = DT Opportune. This organization is still considering what DT efforts would be worthwhile. It is likely that the relevant business market is not yet experiencing DT disruption. Select DT opportunities could provide competitive advantages and as such study with some debate is likely to follow.

Please check back as we share general observations over time on what customers answer for themselves on their Digital Transformation Journey maturity, starting with the introduction of this survey in our CX App at Avaya Engage.

David Chavez

David Chavez is a Vice President in the Office of the CTO, responsible for Architecture and Consulting. Having 25 years of experience and holding 76 US patents, David is responsible for Avaya's award-winning and market-leading IP communications architecture and the creator of the Avaya Aura(R) architecture. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from New Mexico State University and an M.S. in Mathematics from Colorado State University, with some executive education from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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