Vandana BrarJanuary 25, 2018

The Ultimate Ad-Vantage of a Customizable Desk Phone

We live in a world today where people can interact with alternate realities, engage with intelligent bots, and deploy one of billions of connected devices. So, tell us…why is something as simple as communication still such a challenge? In pursuit of innovative new technologies, it feels like we have skipped this fundamental necessity for improving team collaboration, customer experience, business efficiency and costs. Communication is communication, right? Not with a customizable desk phone that offers embedded communications functions.

Consider a few industries where communication challenges persist. A 2017 study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that communication gaps between doctors and home-based healthcare providers jeopardize elderly patient care. Participants cited concerns like lack of access to patient records, incomplete or inaccurate medication lists, and not being kept up to date on individual patient statuses. 

Improved communications leads to improved productivity, engagement and returns (a recent study found that companies considered “highly effective communicators” had 47% higher total returns to shareholders compared to laggards). A customizable desk phone is arguably the easiest and most efficient way to make these improvements. 

Communication, Your Way

What we mean here is an innovative, dedicated desk phone that allows users to engage in voice, video and chat through simple, one-touch connections. A solution that minimizes unnatural breaks or pauses that disrupt efficiency, while eliminating the need to use multiple devices to engage. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what a customizable desk phone can do:

  • Mesh custom experiences into workflows and business processes: A powerful, customizable device provides the tried-and-true features of a traditional desk phone—making/receiving calls with enterprise quality audio, call hold, transfer, redial, voicemail access—and the flexibility of an application platform.
  • Deliver a rich and vibrant user experience: A suite of rich features and applications allow users to effortlessly keep pace with customer and industry needs. Consider Avaya’s customizable desktop device, Vantage: using Avaya Equinox (our mobile-first UC client built for anytime, anywhere, any-device collaboration), companies can embed communications directly into the applications, browsers and devices employees use every day to create a single, powerful gateway for calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration.
  • Support third-party solutions: A customizable desk phone seamlessly integrates with existing solutions to optimize resources and drive better business outcomes. For example, Vantage offers support for third-party hosted call control platforms like Broadsoft BroadWorks® and ZangTM Office via the Vantage Open client.
  • Achieve complete business application integration: A customizable desk phone is best to use wherever you need to run your applications. It’s as simple as that. For example, Vantage is built on Avaya Breeze Client SDK (which lets you quickly and easily embed real-time communications into social, mobile, video and cloud) to create custom client applications. In this way, the device allows businesses to hone in on the specific needs of their industry (i.e. healthcare, hospitality, government, retail, entertainment).
  • Skip pre-set communications solutions: With a customizable desk phone, you’ll never have to creatively force fit standardized solutions into your technology environment. Built on an open AndroidTM architecture platform, the device seamlessly fits into the big picture of your unique IT ecosystem.

Don’t just improve communications—own it. A customizable desk phone empowers users with communications that fit exact business and industry needs. In today’s world of unfathomable tech advancement, a desk phone built for multimedia collaboration, seamless application integration and communication-enabled workflows shouldn’t be considered a luxury, but the norm.

Don’t believe us, to see how one of South America’s largest networking companies uses Vantage to streamline communications, deliver a more consistent user experience, and save costs. 

The Ultimate Ad-Vantage of a Customizable Desk Phone

Vandana Brar

Vandana Brar is Senior Product Manager at Avaya, leading new video desktop device innovation as part of the Endpoints portfolio. Vandana is responsible for the introduction and go-to-market initiatives of the Avaya Vantage Franchise. With an engineering background, Vandana has over 20 years experience in telecommunications hardware, software, and cloud product management.

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