Cloud Meet IoT

Cloud, Meet IoT: Building Workflows of the Future

At Zang, we believe in combining our favorite ingredients to create something that is more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps you’ve seen us wax poetic on this topic before in our TaCode Tuesday series, drawing a delicious equivalence between the tasty ingredients of our favorite food and the many sizzling features wrapped into one on Zang Cloud.

Now, we’re combining forces again to deliver even more impactful communications solutions for your business. In conjunction with Andrew Prokop, who develops software for the Arrow Connect IoT platform, we’re seeing what happens when the Cloud meets the IoT.

The Arrow Connect IoT platform starts with a network of sensors connected to gateways. The gateways communicate with cloud applications. These cloud applications expose a collection of web services that allow anyone to harness the collected data into powerful IoT applications

So what happens when the Cloud meets the IoT?

In Andrew’s case, he’s been focused on creating a series of dynamic tasks—widgets you can drag into workflows on a Breeze canvas. His IoT tasks communicate with the Arrow Connect cloud to ask sensors about their values; this includes pressure, humidity, temperature, sound, GPS, and thousands of other values depending on the sensor in question.

While Andrew sees countless potential uses for this merge of technologies, he sees immense and immediate potential for healthcare applications. He uses the example of mobile nurses, whose smartphones include sensors that can provide GPS data to remote patients in need of treatment.

In this use case, patients can determine the nurse in closest proximity to them. The individual and the nurses can then communicate via SMS workflows, which automatically send notifications to find out who is available to respond and react to the patient’s request.

That said, the potential applications for the evolving relationship between IoT and Cloud technology is limited only by the types of sensors your business deploys, and your imagination.

Today, we’re pushing the limits of imagination in the Zang Sandbox. There, we’re constantly testing new ways to deliver impactful communications solutions for your business. We’re now working to perfect IoT functionalities and soon hope to make these emerging solutions available to the public Zang Cloud.

To stay up to date on the most innovative communications solutions available today, or to get a Zang Cloud account started for your business, click here or click the button to get started on Zang Cloud for free today. 

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