Jeff HodsonJanuary 26, 2018

Built on Zang: Ozonetel Delivers Integrated Contact Center Solution

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There’s a claim floating around out there in the business world today that suggests customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. But here’s the reality: customer experience is not the future. It’s not even right around the corner. Customer experience is now.

In fact, 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience—and it’s no longer just a closely guarded secret among only the most forward-thinking managers, either. In Econsultancy’s Digital Marketing Trends 2018 report, companies ranked customer experience as the most exciting opportunity for their organization in the New Year, outpacing content marketing, mobile, personalization and social media.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the contact center finds itself with a new responsibility within the enterprise. But as customer expectations and communications capabilities have shifted, the legacy contact center is no longer suited to provide the superior customer experience every organization strives for.


Legacy contact centers going the way of the dinosaurs

Seeing as customer experience is largely about, well, your customers, let’s take a look at how the legacy contact center has abandoned the complex needs of consumers today.

  • Self-service cuts both ways: Modern consumers demand access to intuitive self-service offerings, whether it’s through a voice messaging service, through text, or social media. Not only can providing that experience delight your customers, but it will alleviate volume to your agents and allow them more time to resolve complex inquiries.
  • Automation: To get the most out of an always limited supply of resources, automation has proven fundamental to the cloud contact center. Features range from advanced dialer features to guide outbound campaigns to translating data into business intelligence, but are difficult and costly to offer in a legacy setting.
  • Integration is the new black: Examining the customer journey requires a holistic, integrated approach that has been difficult to apply in legacy contact centers. Moving to the cloud enables you to integrate all the data and processes from distinct silos and glean a bigger, deeper picture about the dynamic of your customer relationships.


Ozonetel and Zang build a better solution

Savvy business leaders in India with a keen understanding of the need to emphasize customer experience are likely already familiar with Ozonetel. Since 2011, Ozonetel’s KooKoo Cloud Call Center software has been the go-to solution for India’s leading enterprises. Using its own telephony platform, the cloud call center’s features include all the modern amenities needed to improve customer experience: IVR, campaign management, a range of dialer features and even built-in 2-way SMS.

But despite the immense success and quality of the solution, Ozonetel had difficulty launching its similar solution in the United States as quickly as it had in India. This is largely due to the amount of time it can take to build telco relationships.

After combining forces with Zang, however, all that changed. In 2017, Ozonetel’s KooKoo Cloud Center software launched in the United States on Zang, giving Ozonetel access to both the platform and the numbers all in one place.

Your business, too, can power up your Zang account with KooKoo Cloud Call Center. Zang did the heavy lifting to get Ozonetel’s solution working within a month to help Ozonetel focus on what they do best—designing software that will support your customer experience initiatives. Now, we’ve partnered to make it easy for anyone with a Zang account to have access, too. To get started, click here.