Mike KuchJanuary 26, 2018

Communication Server 1000 Customers—There’s No Better Time to Engage

We’ve got some exciting developments for our Communication Server 1000 customers. You can catch all the details live at our 2018 Avaya ENGAGE event that starts January 28. But let’s get something straight. It’s no secret that Avaya has gone through organizational change over the past few years. And as you may know, competitors have taken advantage of that situation to spread fake news and sow doubt in the minds of customers.

But the simple fact is Avaya has emerged ready to embark on a new journey and to work to exceed our customer’s expectations. The outlook is positive for the organization, our partners, and especially customers like you. We’ve been busy looking at all the different things that customers might require to move beyond their CS1000 platforms and we’ve wrapped those into a comprehensive program called Loyalty2gether.

Believe Me, I Get It

Those of you who know me well know I can be as resistant to change as the next guy. Especially, when it seems like I can get by on the basics. It’s likely you’re in a similar situation. The CS1000 system has probably served you well over the years. But we’ve reached a point in the technology curve where you need to select an Avaya upgrade path before falling further behind.

Yes, Change Can Be Good!

So much has evolved since you first installed your CS1000: cloud, virtualization, desktop video, true unified communicationsomnichannel customer contact, subscription-based licensing, and the ability to customize your solution to meet specific business needs. I’m willing to bet that you’ve been reading about these changes for a while now. Perhaps you haven’t been persuaded that they’d make a difference for your unique organization. But that time has long past.

Advancements inherent to Avaya solutions like Avaya IP Office™ Platform and Avaya Aura® Platform have all been carefully designed and refined to help deliver materially better capabilities along with hard dollar savings for businesses of all sizes. So, take some time to consider your options and decide which path forward is best for you.

We surveyed you, interviewed customers large and small, and then listened closely. You told us that there are several things you really like about the CS1000. So we made sure these capabilities were part of Loyalty2gether and included in Avaya IP Office and Avaya Aura. Here are some examples of continued features that will help smooth your migration:

Avaya IP Office Capabilities:

  • Support for 11XX/12XX SIP phones, enabling you to reuse these devices
  • Call Park and Page
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN)
  • Avaya Contact Center Select for migration of CS1000 Contact Center

Avaya Aura Capabilities:

  • Support for 11XX/12XX SIP phones
  • Call Park and Page
  • Avaya Device Adapter Snap-in, enabling you to re-use UNIStim devices (target mid 2018)
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (also target mid 2018)

Boost Your Capability and Get Competitive

You might be asking, “What do I do now?” Features that have made your system dependable over the years can be hard to let go. That reliability is no accident. It’s due in large part to Avaya’s commitment to quality. We take pride in delivering real value for our customers. So, we also took some deliberate actions to knock down migration challenges that have caused a few customers concerns in the past.

Avaya invested in technologies that will help streamline, simplify, and expedite your migration to a better system. On top of that, we’ve crafted a super sweet program called Loyalty2gether that should make it far more easy for you to get to “yes” on a new system that best suits your business.

So, here’s what I’d like to suggest. It’s time for you to more seriously consider a “protect, save, and differentiate” strategy. Avaya is well positioned to help you realize this transition in ways that make your organization better, faster, and more competitive in your market.

Accelerate Your Engagement

The Avaya Loyalty2together promotion options are probably the most compelling offers you’ll see in the marketplace—so now’s the time to act. When you also factor in the Avaya Software Investment Protect Policy you maximize value for your existing CS1000 licenses. Don’t hesitate to ask your Avaya or Partner representative about these incentives.

The great news is that you still have a time in the near-term to decide exactly how you want to reconfigure your new system. Your Avaya or Partner representative will be happy to help narrow down your path to a set of options that will enhance your business. Avaya customers that have made the move haven’t looked back. Many wish they’d done it sooner.

Think of it. You get a chance to rethink the communications, collaboration, and customer contact solutions that drive your business. While you’re at it, you can radically expand ways you can interact with your customers. Why not position your business to offer unified communications, enhanced mobility, and reduce costs? The path forward is up to you!

As mentioned above, our competitors have and will throw around a lot FUD in an effort to distract and confuse, so allow me to emphasize this: Avaya values our CS1000 customers—and all of our customers. We’ll always be your trusted partner. We’ll supply innovative communications and collaboration solutions to you for many years to come. A big part of that is our drive to provide a path forward for every customer.

Get In On these Offers Now

Having seen the promotions and savings featured in the Loyalty2gether program, I think they’re worth a close look. Like, right now. Today. Contact your Avaya or Partner representative. They’ll provide full details of the Loyalty2gether promotion and guide you on whatever path you choose. You can also visit the CS1000 homepage.

Communication Server 1000 Customers�There�s No Better Time to Engage

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