Zang Maker Spotlight: Build A Better Customer Experience in Wait Times

Zang Maker Spotlight: Build A Better Customer Experience in Wait Times

At Zang, we have a special affinity for the makers of the world. The people that love to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and set to work finding their own solution to the challenge at hand. That’s why we designed Zang Cloud the way we did. With a robust suite of features and intuitive design for ease of use, Zang Cloud empowers our customers to build their own applications quickly, effectively, and most importantly, to meet their own personal needs.

The Zang Maker Spotlight is our way of paying homage to the makers of the world, building their own solutions on Zang Cloud. Today, we’re speaking with Chris Martone. Chris is currently enrolled in college courses studying Computer Science and Mathematics and learned of Zang Cloud from his father Steve Forcum who is an Avaya employee and Cloud evangelist.

Zang: So, Chris, tell us a little bit more about this app you’ve built on Zang.

Chris: It’s a MacOS app that is conceptualized to be a virtual waiting room app. The first use case would be for a restaurant. When a guest enters, they give the host or hostess their name, number of party members, and a cell phone number. They’re then added to a table within the application that tracks their wait time.

When it’s their time to be seated, the host or hostess clicks on the party’s row, and sends a notification via text or call to the guest to alert them that their table is ready. Communicating with the customer is done through the use of Zang Cloud, and making CURL requests to call or text the guest.

Z: You said that your first use case is for a restaurant. Who else will use your app?

C: Yes, we’re starting with restaurants. But there’s plenty of opportunity for any business where people tend to wait. Some common ones are doctors’ offices, department stores and repair shops, just to name a few.

Z: For what problems does it solve?

C: For restaurants it replaces the clunky ineffective pager system that forces customers to stay in one place waiting for their buzzer to go off. Guests need not worry if they are in range—they can venture as far as they want because they’ll get a text when their table is ready. Restaurant paging for the 21st century removes the need for those extra devices in order to seat patrons, and makes customers happier in the process.

Z: How long did it take to create your app?

C: Admittedly, we had to juggle the project between our other commitments with work and college. But between our other commitments, the whole process took about three weeks. Creating the app itself was really not hard at all though, and took just under 72 hours to do the actual heavy lifting, so to speak.

Z: Did you utilize Zang Workflows? Was it easy?

C: It wasn’t necessary for this iteration, but would be very useful for multi-location establishments like retail or restaurant chains. And given how easy it was to build the app in the first place, I can only imagine how much easier Workflows would make a more complex project.

Z: How will your app factor in customer experience?

C: We see several clear benefits from the customer experience perspective. For starters, customers will have more freedom and won’t have to dread waiting in line for service. Customers will also find the experience more personalized, not having to stake your claim to a meal over a clunky pager. Perhaps best of all, you’ll be able to send follow up texts to check in with your guest about their service and say thanks for their patronage so that your guest leaves on a high note.

Z: Thanks so much for your time, Chris. We look forward to seeing what you make next! And to all our readers, be sure to check in for the next edition of the Zang Maker Spotlight. You never know what Zang users will make next.

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