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Avaya is Energized and Ready to Run!

Like a skier poised at the top of the mountain, Avaya is energized, focused, and ready to run. The clouds have cleared, and we are leaning in with the agility, speed, and performance needed to drive forward—qualities that we bring to our customers and partners, delivering business excellence with the world’s best communications solutions.

Every athlete struggles with some kind of challenge: mental, physical, emotional—even financial—difficulties that test their mettle and their spirit. It’s those that dig in and work hard who emerge smarter and stronger than ever.

This is true for Avaya, as it is for many of our customers.

We know what it takes to manage the ups and downs of business. That’s why we are passionate about providing the flexibility, open architectures, and deployment options that our customers need to exceed expectations, cut ahead of the competition, and be prepared when the next big thing comes over the horizon.

Our people, customers and partners are the heart of Avaya. We are humbled and so full of gratitude for your belief in us. For the 4,000 new contracts signed this past year since our filing for Chapter 11, to the customers that sent words of encouragement, to the 1,000 new partners selling Avaya, and to old friends that stayed the course, we thank you.

Our future is inextricably linked to your success. Together, we’re going for Gold!

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