Now We’re Talking—Text Message Service Brings Personalization to IoT

Now We’re Talking—Text Message Service Brings Personalization to IoT

The Internet of Things isn’t just connecting devices together. It is connecting the people that use them. As such, the introduction of IoT-enabled communications within your business can provide immense value—particularly for agile startups and SMBs that must produce more with less in order to operate with the larger competitors in their field

Not only can the IoT help to streamline internal inefficiencies, but it can also help to bring you and your customers closer together. But in order to deliver a truly standout customer experience, you’ve got to utilize the IoT to the fullest by adding texting capabilities that will allow you to offer more personalized service.

Let’s take a look at a few real-world examples to see how some of the most recognizable brands out there are combining SMS and the IoT today.

Johnnie Walker develops smart bottle: The Scotch whiskey kingpin took a shot at developing SMS and IoT capabilities in the form of a smart bottle, and it went down smooth. Each bottle of the company’s Scotch whiskey now has a sensor tag. When the shopper scans the tag, it allows the company to reach out to stoke a conversation with the consumer to help them select the right blend for their tastes. The bottle can keep sending alerts after opening, giving users a chance to ask for pairing suggestions and engage throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Amazon Key seeks to solve last-mile delivery challenges: In an effort to improve last-mile experience and thwart the growing trend of package theft, Amazon introduced Amazon Key, a service for individuals to have shipments brought inside their home by the delivery service. Users receive a camera that is switched on when Amazon deliveries arrive. The camera then checks the identification of the delivery driver and enables access into the home. Meanwhile, the homeowner receives an SMS notification that the delivery was made, and receives video confirmation for quality assurance.

RollScout SMS service gets sales out of the toilet: While a bit more obscure than Amazon or Johnny Walker, RollScout is leveraging the IoT and SMS to fulfill perhaps an even greater calling in the world today. RollScout claims that nearly half of Americans will not visit a business based on bad restroom reviews, and what could be worse than running out of toilet paper in the middle of an important business meeting? With RollSquare, business bathrooms are automatically monitored, and alerts are triggered when crucial supplies run low. Better yet, if an unsuspecting patron gets stranded, RollSquare will enable two-way communications to spare them a square.
The IoT opens more channels of communication for businesses to engage customers. And clearly, the applications are diverse and can be useful to businesses of all types. But it is the additional services that you put into your IoT capabilities that will make or break the customer experience. To learn more about what your business can do with the IoT and a text message service, read this article featuring Andrew Prokop.

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