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Balancing High Tech and High Touch to Maximize Customer Experience

What does every industry have in common? The critical need to balance high tech and high touch to deliver extraordinary customer experience.

Consider hospitality: 70% of guests want to use technology to improve their experience, yet 93% believe the value of personal service cannot be replaced. In financial services, online channels are preferred by 90% of customers; however, 88% still want the option of a live person for discussing their banking needs. This list goes on…

Research shows that balancing high tech and high touch not only enhances customer experience, but can significantly improve operations and costs (a recent study found that large employers can reduce healthcare costs by up to 15% by better balancing high tech and high touch).

So, how can you strike a balance? Consider how improvements can be made across three different industries:

  • Mobile room booking, check-in, and key cards: Nearly 90% of guests believe that mobile booking with live travel service professionals will be more important five years from now. In this way, guests can use their mobile device to make reservations with the option to initiate or escalate to voice, video or chat sessions if needed. Research estimates that 40% of digital travel sales this year (approximately $189 billion) will be mobile-based. Then continue that through the stay experience; make it simple, while saving money and improving net promotor scores.
  • Video-enabled ATMs: Customers can engage via self service or video conferencing with a remote teller if needed. U.K.-based Nationwide Building Society recently introduced such ATMs to deliver better value and maximize staff capacity amidst a sharp decline in physical bank branches. Balancing high tech and high touch has led to a 30% increase in productivity for the bank; meanwhile, 99% of customers rate the service as “excellent.” Or, for healthcare, take it a step further and enable video follow-ons for certain situations where an in-person follow up isn’t required.
  • Integrated, real-time public safety: A study from Kean University posits the idea of real-time environmental monitoring and public safety notifications. Supported by an open network and end-to-end application design, environmental data could be gathered and analyzed with the ability to proactively notify citizens with updates or instructions. Taking this one step further, real-time voice, video and messaging could be embedded into applications to connect citizens with live assistants. Video can even be used to share real-time weather activity.

A study from Harvard Business Review found that top performers (those that experienced revenue growth above 5% for the past three years and expected revenue growth of at least 5% for the next three years) have a better understanding of the human experience that surrounds digital technology. Rather than pitting the two against each other, consider how balancing high tech and high touch can transform customer and business outcomes.

Avaya can help you strike a perfect balance with award-winning customer experience solutions that easily fit into your existing business ecosystem. Learn more in our infographic “3 Building Blocks for Extraordinary Customer Experience.”

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