Avaya Solutions Connect People Across the World

During a recent vacation cruise, I found myself playing cards with a group of six strangers. As we got to know one another I was asked, “What do you do for work?” The question quickly became a discussion, and I’d like to share that conversation with you.

Who is Avaya?

A couple of people at the table knew of Avaya. One asked, “Doesn’t Avaya make phone systems?” Another asked, “I hear about cloud all the time. Are you guys doing cloud?”

While both of these questions are relevant and somewhat factual, both miss what makes Avaya special. In my opinion Avaya is a connection company. The whole reason Avaya exists is to connect people with people. In my experience, it really is that simple.

Avaya makes it easy to get work done by connecting teammates with other teammates, regardless of where they are, what device they have, and what network they’re connected to. At the same time, Avaya connects consumers who need help with the exact resource who can fix whatever is challenging them, helping to create lasting impressions and ongoing relationships.

More than 90% of Fortune 100 companies are running Avaya Solutions. I believe that each and every day almost every human being on the planet is impacted by Avaya solutions in one way or the other. Heck, thanks to the cruise line using Avaya solutions, everyone with me at the table had their cruise questions answered prior to boarding the ship.

This led to the most interesting part of the discussion. If people connect with people using Avaya, how do we make the world better? The answer lies in two areas, and we’re deeply invested in fixing both.

  1. Making it Easier to Work. While Avaya tools make it easier to connect with teammates wherever they are, there is still room for improvement in making it easier for you to actually get work done. People have so many tools and apps it’s confusing to know what to use when, and there are still a ton of manual steps to getting people together to work on projects. Using Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Avaya Breeze we automate a lot of the manual stuff that makes work so frustrating, which means when something happens at work, you waste less time reacting and more time responding with a tool that’s built to be easy to use, puts everything you need at your fingertips, is always available, and is super secure.
  2. Making Customer Service Experiences Better. Avaya recognizes how frustrating customer service has become, and we’re helping companies fix it. Over the years, customer service was designed around the company’s needs not the consumer’s. Things like auto attendants, long hold times, and constantly repeating yourself are too common. Using Artificial Intelligence and our experienced consultants, we help businesses change both the technology and the business processes to create more magical experiences for consumers.

    For example, booking a cruise online can be super frustrating, especially if you get a discount code that doesn’t seem to work. The last thing you want to do is call customer service. But what if when you call, the auto attendant knows who you are and greets you by name. Instead of telling you what it can do, it knows you’re calling because of the trouble you had on the website. When you’re connected with an agent, they not only know why you’ve called but they already know how to fix the problem. Instead of wasting time trying to talk you through which fields to change, they ask to share your screen so they can show you how to use the discount. Avaya eliminates the frustration and replaces it with a near magical experience … all by improving the connection between you and the cruise ship company.

Simply put, Avaya solutions make the world a better place because we make connecting with the people you need easier, faster, more secure, and even slightly more magical than ever before.

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My Life as an Avaya Systems Engineer—#ProudAvayan on our Hot Solutions

Recently I spent three days in New York City, and they were easily the best three days of my career. I talked with Avaya customers and partners about what’s happening in Avaya Solutions now. The excitement and brainstorming I witnessed as audiences learned about Avaya was rewarding and validated why I love my job. #IAmAvaya

It all started on a Wednesday at Avaya’s east coast headquarters at 2 Penn Plaza, where I was scheduled to help with a customer meeting in the Executive Briefing Center. The customer left excited about the team engagement solution Avaya Equinox™ Experience (including what Avaya Equinox does to enhance conferencing) and the Avaya Breeze™ Platform for fast applications development.

At the briefing, the customer commented on how strong a product offering Avaya has compared to other solutions they were considering. These meetings are the reason I can’t wait to come to work on Mondays. They are inspiring and addictive. It’s easy to feed off of the excitement and energy from our customers, and I can’t get enough of it.

Following that awesome experience, on Thursday, I was the keynote speaker at the Avaya Cloud Expo at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets on Thursday. With over 300 people in attendance, and over 1,000 watching the Facebook Live broadcast, I explained how the Avaya Cloud Portfolio offers our partners and customers choice, empowering them to move to the cloud on their terms. I am honored, and lucky, to have been invited to participate in these events. Check out our digital postcard documenting the whole Cloud Expo event.

Finally, on Friday I took some partners who were unable to attend the Cloud Expo on a tour of the Avaya Cloud portfolio. Whether in person, or via conference call, the passion and commitment from our partners is easy to see, and it is infectious. They have embraced our cloud solutions, which has resulted in tremendous momentum which keeps growing quarter after quarter.

I love my job. I love this company, and especially the people who I work with (even that Mark Fletcher guy). We’re changing the industry, and with our partners and customers excited about Avaya Solutions, the future is bright.

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