Laura BassettNovember 15, 2017

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is now the single greatest driver of organizational growth, competitiveness and revenue … but what exactly is it? Customer experience is the sum of all interactions, transactions, and reactions that a customer has with your brand organization-wide. Customer experience is really about how your customer perceives the experience you deliver.

Every moment matters, no matter how small.

Customer experience consists of three things:

  1. Brand Personality
    Customer experience is driven by a company’s innermost values and beliefs. Knowing who your brand is—its personality and what it stands for—enables you to best engage and retain customers. So, is your company someone who you would want to work with? Do you buy-in to your corporate culture and vision?
  2. Hyper-Personalization
    Customer experience starts by understanding each customer, and their unique behaviors, expectations, and preferences. For businesses to stay relevant, they must deliver personalized service that empowers customers with autonomy and engages at the individual account level. There are several technologies that can help in this area—communications-enabled business process, biometrics, and analytics—but more than this, it’s about recognizing and celebrating individual consumers for who they are.
  3. The End-to-End Journey
    Customers interface with the entire organization, yet customer experience is often quarantined to one or two departments. Customer experience is ongoing and continually evolving. This is where system integration becomes key.

Investing in an open, agile infrastructure lets brands seamlessly integrate platforms and channels across the organization. This allows for advanced data sharing, in which companies can intelligently gather, collect, and provide data when and where that data is needed. This ability to deliver context-driven, end-to-end customer engagement is what produces real value and tangible return.

When it comes to your customers experience is everything. Explore how Avaya creates a seamless multi-touch experience for the customer and a more intuitive, context-rich environment for agents.

Laura Bassett

Laura Bassett is the Director of Marketing for Avaya's Customer and Team Engagement Solutions. Laura oversees all aspects of marketing including business planning and strategy, market research and awareness, product marketing, and engagement for current and next generation Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions. Laura has over 20 years' experience in applications consulting, development and delivery. She has a BSBA in Computer Science and an Executive MBA from the University of Florida.

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