TaCode Tuesday: Spice It Up with SIP Registration

TaCode Tuesday: Spice It Up with SIP Registration

The ingenious cooks in the kitchen at Zang have done it again, fellow fanatics of all things hard-shelled and smothered in salsa. That’s right—it’s time for another rendition of TaCode Tuesday, delivered just in time to satiate your ever-persistent appetite.

After spicing up the flavor in the frying pan with tasty new ASR and MMS features, the Zang Cloud team has outdone itself and thrown a real jalapeno of an idea into the mix—SIP registration.

Now, anyone with a Zang phone number can assign it to a device, using the SIP address. The APIs can attach actual end points, meaning that you won’t need to buy a whole unified communications system just to get the phone on your desk to ring.

You’ll even be able to use your SIP address to log into your desk phone, soft phone and home phone—so when a customer calls, all three lines will ring at once. All the benefits of an enterprise-grade UC solution with none of the overhead or hassle? That’s like having your taco and eating it too.

Today’s example is more of a ‘how-to’ pulled from our handy dandy online docsTo send and receive calls using SIP Registration, complete these steps:

Create your SIP Domain

Creating a SIP Domain specifies the domain that you want to register with:



Create Credential List

Credential Lists are sets of credentials used as authentication when attempting to reach your SIP Domain. Zang will send REGISTER request which will need to be authenticated with a credential from your Credential Lists. You can give each credential any name you want. The password must be at least 8 characters long.


After a Credential List, you then need to grant your SIP access to your credential. You can grant one or more SIP Domains access to the same credential.




Making calls with your SIP Domain

To make outgoing SIP calls from your registered SIP Domain, you must send the INVITE to your SIP domain:


Outgoing calls by your SIP Domain will be treated just like any incoming SIP call received on a Zang domain. After being authenticated, it will execute the Voice URL configured in your SIP domain. For convenience, we have auto-populated the Voice URL with our default voice InboundXML.

Receiving calls on your SIP Domain

In order for your SIP Domain to receive calls from Zang, you will use the same InboundXML or REST API calls you use today. Here’s a simple example how to receive a call to your Zang enabled SIP device. Simply buy a Zang phone number, create an InboundXML script that will ring your SIP Domain, and point the InboundXML script to your newly purchased Zang phone number. Note: yourusername MUST match one of the usernames specified in your Credential Lists.


That’s it! Of course, it cannot be called a taco if you’re just filling the shell with meat. Or lettuce, or cheese. You need each ingredient to work together to become a cacophony of flavors. And that’s what we’ve aspired to with Zang Cloud. The SIP registration feature is simply one more in a long list of savory spices you’ll find on the Zang Cloud platform, which holds them all together to make, and help you make, something spectacular.

You can see firsthand how developers are using all the features of Zang Cloud by checking out our new Online Docs & Helper Libraries here. And be sure to stay tuned, taco lovers—you never know what we’ll cook up next!

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