Oliver BengtssonOctober 10, 2017

The Next-Gen Open SIP Phone that Changes the Service Provider Game

We live in a world of overnight innovation, where expectations often outweigh experiences. Dynamic market shifts are happening. New players are proliferating within every sector and leaders are transitioning to new areas. For enterprises, this opens the door to a unique, multi-vendor ecosystem in which multiple solutions can be integrated to meet specific customer and vertical needs. For service providers looking to differentiate and gain market share, this means unparalleled opportunity. So much so, that the global MSP market is set to grow from $145 billion in 2016 to $242 billion by 2021. And a part of this growth could be in communications, where the Open SIP Phone has emerged as a key way for MSPs to competitively differentiate and drive revenue.

In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, providers must quickly and creatively stake their claims. The best way to do this is by investing in integrated, agile, future-proof solutions—in technology that reimagines traditional models and inspires enterprises to reconsider their existing strategies. This is what makes the concept of an open SIP phone so enticing.

Research shows that enterprises aren’t yet ready to move on from the traditional deskphone (65% of workers still prefer using the device). This means massive untapped potential for MSPs, and that’s exactly why we’re so excited about our all-new Open SIP phone series.

Our new Open SIP portfolio—consisting of our B179 Open SIP Conference Phone and J129 Open SIP Deskphoneand Avaya Vantage™ Device running the Avaya Vantage™ Open client—is on the cusp of this transformation. We’re bringing the traditional deskphone to next-gen communication and collaboration.

Here are five reasons MSPs should invest now to benefit big:

  1. Enterprise-grade security: By 2021, it’s expected that cybercrime damage will cost companies as much as $6 trillion annually and that global cybersecurity spending will have exceeded $1 trillion. As the number of endpoints within organizations increase, so too do the number of access points for unauthorized users. Built on best-of-breed firmware, our open SIP portfolio is inherently designed to meet the next-gen enterprise security needs of today and the future—a huge selling point for customers.
  2. Custom communication experiences: Avaya Vantage revolutionizes the traditional deskphone by enabling integrated business workflows that support custom user experiences. This open, agile, fully customizable desktop device offers flexible application integration (supported by the Android OS) and seamless multimedia collaboration. Out-of-box support for the Avaya Equinox™ Experience and the Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK allows organizations to use ready-made applications from Avaya, install existing apps from the Google Play Store, or embed custom communication features into workflows to meet exact customer and vertical needs.
  3. Sophisticated co-branding/white labeling: Co-branding and white labeling options let enterprises place their logos on any of our open SIP deskphones for a polished, professional look. The benefits here are endless: faster time to market, less spending on solution development, and far less risk of that internal development going awry.
  4. Third-party call control support: Hugely beneficial is the fact that our new open SIP portfolio supports a range of third-party hosted call control platforms. For example, Avaya VantageM, B179 Open SIP Conference Phone and J129 Open SIP Deskphone offer support for:
    • Broadsoft Broadworks R21SP1
    • Zang Office R1.0
    • Avaya Aura 6.0+
    • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager 5.2.1 with SES 5.2.1
    • Avaya IP Office™ 7.0+ (for Avaya B179 & Avaya J129)
    • Avaya Communication Server 1000 7.5+
  5. Seamless, multi-location use: Our entire portfolio can be seamlessly implemented anywhere for ongoing use, from walk-up areas like lobbies and hallways to conference rooms to executive offices. Seamless, multi-location use translates into more dynamic, revenue-generating opportunities.

Check out a recent blog to learn even more about our new Open SIP deskphone series. We’ll keep the news and info coming.

Oliver Bengtsson

Oliver Bengtsson is Senior Product Manager of IP Endpoints at Avaya, leading new device innovation. Oliver is responsible for the introduction and go-to-market initiatives of exciting new solutions such as Avaya Vantage.

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