Service Providers are Driving Communications Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has moved from an exciting concept to an accepted reality. As technologies like mobile, cloud, and artificial intelligence gain ever-wider acceptance, just about every industry is being dramatically altered. Companies that can’t find their place in the new digital landscape aren’t just going to be left behind—they’re going to become irrelevant. This applies equally to the industry sector that has arguably played a greater role than any other in driving digital transformation: telecommunications. Most of the fundamental building blocks—access, interconnectivity, applications and infrastructure—that are going to enable the communications digital revolution are dependent on service providers.

And yet, while service providers have done much of the groundwork for communications digital transformation, they’ve also seen traditional revenue streams decline, and their old business models come under threat. While Gartner estimated the global communications services market was worth as much as $1.4 trillion last year, that’s 14% lower than the market size in 2014, as price erosion and competition continue to cramp revenue.

The good news for many of our service provider customers is that “transformation” is hardly a word they are scared of—quite the opposite. For service providers, communications digital transformation is just the latest stage in an evolution journey that has taken them from offering traditional analogue telephony to IP telephony to integrated solutions and beyond, with telcos now becoming content providers and offering other services.

And telcos have tremendous advantages—the investments they have made in the past few years have given them a fantastic infrastructure, enabling them to reach every home, every person on the planet. They also have the best-possible access to customer data and customer preferences.

The new, disruptive technology trends we see in the market are compelling them to work in collaboration with partners to offer new services. So, we are seeing service providers positioning themselves as one-stop-shops for SMEs and enterprises, by offering connectivity with other necessary ICT solutions and services. There are various new streams coming into the picture from applications, cloud services, software-as-a-service, communication services, and more.

From Avaya’s perspective, we are helping them orchestrate all of that effectively. We are facilitating better communications in different ways, bringing in better data analytics and AI to the picture and ultimately enabling communications service providers to provide personalised offerings to their various customer segments.

At Avaya, our goal is to help our customers leverage disruptive technologies and innovative trends and enhance their businesses. Take artificial intelligence for instance—we will be showcasing at GITEX 2017 how AI is going to revolutionise operations. AI can tell the service centre agents what they should say in response to a customer’s query, and all this is going to happen in real-time. We really believe that the power of AI can be extraordinary.

While the speed of technology change can seem overwhelming at times, we must not forget that complete transformation doesn’t happen overnight: Communications digital transformation is a continuous journey that has many parameters, from technological upgrades to massive cultural shifts in the way businesses work. Service providers run extremely complex businesses in multiple tiers and involving many stakeholders.

Avaya stands ready to help. We are the transformation partner for customers, with the majority of communications service providers on Avaya platforms. We have always helped them with contact centre transformation, now we are taking this to the next level.

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My Life as an Avaya Systems Engineer—#ProudAvayan on our Hot Solutions

Recently I spent three days in New York City, and they were easily the best three days of my career. I talked with Avaya customers and partners about what’s happening in Avaya Solutions now. The excitement and brainstorming I witnessed as audiences learned about Avaya was rewarding and validated why I love my job. #IAmAvaya

It all started on a Wednesday at Avaya’s east coast headquarters at 2 Penn Plaza, where I was scheduled to help with a customer meeting in the Executive Briefing Center. The customer left excited about the team engagement solution Avaya Equinox™ Experience (including what Avaya Equinox does to enhance conferencing) and the Avaya Breeze™ Platform for fast applications development.

At the briefing, the customer commented on how strong a product offering Avaya has compared to other solutions they were considering. These meetings are the reason I can’t wait to come to work on Mondays. They are inspiring and addictive. It’s easy to feed off of the excitement and energy from our customers, and I can’t get enough of it.

Following that awesome experience, on Thursday, I was the keynote speaker at the Avaya Cloud Expo at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets on Thursday. With over 300 people in attendance, and over 1,000 watching the Facebook Live broadcast, I explained how the Avaya Cloud Portfolio offers our partners and customers choice, empowering them to move to the cloud on their terms. I am honored, and lucky, to have been invited to participate in these events. Check out our digital postcard documenting the whole Cloud Expo event.

Finally, on Friday I took some partners who were unable to attend the Cloud Expo on a tour of the Avaya Cloud portfolio. Whether in person, or via conference call, the passion and commitment from our partners is easy to see, and it is infectious. They have embraced our cloud solutions, which has resulted in tremendous momentum which keeps growing quarter after quarter.

I love my job. I love this company, and especially the people who I work with (even that Mark Fletcher guy). We’re changing the industry, and with our partners and customers excited about Avaya Solutions, the future is bright.

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