Recognizing Greatness: NYC311 Drives Next-Gen CX with Major Milestone

Recognizing Greatness: NYC311 Drives Next-Gen CX with Major Milestone

Simple, instant and natural engagement is at the heart of the next-gen CX (Customer Experience). Not every company can effortlessly support such communication, let alone hundreds of millions of interactions. Yet this is exactly what one of our customers, NYC311, has achieved, marking a significant milestone in its journey as the No. 1 provider of NYC non-emergency government services and information.

This month, the agency celebrates its three-hundred-and-eleven-million, three-hundred-and-eleven-thousand, three-hundred-eleventh contact of all time. That’s 311,311,311 calls, clicks, chats, texts and more combined since launching in 2003. Touted as the city’s “front door” to government, NYC311 is strengthening the citizen experience and empowering its users through dynamic communication.

Available 24x7x365, NYC311 works to make NYC government services widely accessible, with the ability to translate information into more than 50 languages online. Meanwhile, the company is committed to the next-gen CX by continually reimagining service possibilities and outcomes. For example, the company has broadened its digital reach with a sophisticated mobile app and social media presence, allowing New Yorkers to get the information they need, how and when they need it.

This isn’t the first time the company has shattered records. In fact, NYC311 has been consistently outperforming itself since 2014. Last year, NYC311 set a new record for the most annual contacts with 35,982,514 customer requests for services or information in 2016—surpassing its 2015 record by 5%.

Here at Avaya, we’re thrilled to recognize this moment of excellence and proud to be a strategic partner that has fueled this momentum. For example, all IVR messages delivered to NYC311 callers are handled by the Avaya Call Pilot application. Through our advanced call center application, we’ve helped the company reduce agent involvement by 22% and improve customer satisfaction by resolving approximately 65% of all incoming calls (around 14 million of 22 million calls in 2015). We’ve played a key role in the company’s call routing improvements, as well as VoIP migration strategy. Most recently, this summer NYC311 added Spanish as a natural language for the company—this addition is expected to reduce agent involvement by another 9%.

NYC311 is an undisputed industry leader, proving that there is limitless opportunity to innovate through communications. The company is as a main artery within today’s more active-than-ever body of NYC. This milestone cements the company as a next-gen CX champion, one that is committed to continually breaking barriers. At the end of the day, this is what Avaya is all about. Much more important than the technology we implement or the digital transformation plans we create is our commitment to delivering real customer value. This is what lies at the heart of this accomplishment.

We are proud to have been a partner of NYC 311’s success as they celebrate this incredible milestone, and we look forward to supporting NYC311 as it continues to push limits and grow.