Alex MisevskiOctober 06, 2017

How IoT and CPaaS Can Transform Your Business

For the modern line of business manager, unified communications technology has been a pivotal tool for augmenting the customer experience by expanding touch-points and giving consumers an opportunity to engage with brands in real-time.

Zang customers in particular have been empowered, thanks to the establishment of Zang Cloud Workflow, a design tool that enables anyone to easily build communication apps and workflows without the need to learn complex programming languages or code.

But just how far can Workflow take your business?

Andrew Prokop, Director of Emerging Technologies at Arrow Systems Integration, has been spending much of his time looking for an answer to that question. Recently he put his own skills to the test to demonstrate how Workflow users can incorporate elements of the Internet of Things to bring added value to your UC solution.

Prokop wrote the skeleton of his IoT-based application in Python, using IoT components and sensors for the aggregation of data. He then went into Workflow to set parameters so that when a certain threshold is crossed, an SMS message can be sent to notify a user.

He then went further, exploring other API calls for basic account information, carrier aspects and more. And by connecting his app with ServiceNow, an incident management service, Prokop created a workflow that can assist businesses in a wide variety of industries with isolating and resolving issues with expedience.

As far as practical applications, Prokop argues that the sky is the limit when it comes to blending UC with the IoT. From dairy farmers using sensors to keep tabs on the health of their livestock, to municipalities equipped with smart street lights that can isolate the sounds of gunshots, it is clear that building UC applications with Zang Cloud and the IoT are a perfect pairing for creating truly exceptional workflows.

You can learn more about Andrew Prokop’s thoughts on how the IoT is impacting communications workflows by checking out his blog here. Andrew recently shared his expertise on connecting IoT to communications platformson Network World. 

To see how you can foster greater collaboration with coworkers and customers alike with Zang, click here.


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