Collaboration Tools for Every Monster in Your Meeting

Collaboration Tools for Every Monster in Your Meeting

Several days before Halloween, the email comes in. It’s from your boss, addressed to your whole department. To your fright, your team has been selected to plan the upcoming Halloween party. You’ll need decorations, a healthy smattering of candy selections and of course, a proper guideline for the company’s costume contest.

The instructions seemed clear enough, so you distributed a list of tasks for each member of your team to accomplish. Then, you put together a meeting for your team so that you can hash out the final details the night before the party. But to your dismay, it is not your co-workers that show up to lend a hand, but something much more sinister—creatures straight out of Dilbert’s worst nightmare.

First, the eternally nasty Buck-Passer slids into the room. When you ask for the candy inventory, the Buck-Passer responds with a hiss, “I thought Bill Smith was getting the candy.”

When Bill Smith enters the room, you look for an answer, only to find that Mr. Smith has transmogrified into an even more frightful monster—the Micro-Manager. “I’m not buying candy until we reassess our workflows on this project,” groans the Micro-Manager.

Looking for some bastion of calm, you nervously look for Becky, whom you know will have the costume contest all but locked down. But you wait… and wait. You wait so long that the meeting dissipates and you’re forced to go looking for Becky. And when you get to her desk, you see she’s been replaced by some sort of body-snatching monster that calls itself the Late-Responder.

“I saw your calendar invite, but I just looked at it now. When’s the meeting, again?” wails the Late-Responder, her words sending a shiver down your spine.

That’s when you know that confronting your boss on Halloween about your team’s failure to collaborate will be more of a trick than a treat.

If these monsters have been spotted in your office, be warned: you’ll need to do more than hang cloves of garlic in your doorways to get rid of them. Fortunately, the steps you need to take to improve business collaboration won’t be that much more difficult.

Zang Spaces is our cloud-based team collaboration and meeting app. It integrates voice, video, tasks and more into one app that you can access anytime, anywhere. With a robust set of features designed to enhance visibility, streamline workflows and ensure accountability, no monster’s wrath will be able to overtake your keen sense of leadership.

We know that a stressful team project can turn even the most mild-mannered Jeckyll into a raging Hyde. But all you need to turn the monsters back into the coworkers you know and love is the right collaboration tools. To see what you can do with Zang Spaces, click here.