Building a Predictive Maintenance App with Google IoT Core

Building a Predictive Maintenance App with Google IoT Core

The Internet of Things is seeping into just about every type of business today, but in the automotive industry, connected technology integration is accelerating faster than a Ferrari on Route 66. According to a 2017 Research and Markets report, the connected car market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 35.54 percent from 2017 through 2022.

This transition will allow us to change the way we drive, the way we think about our vehicles and have lasting implications that will impact everything from our insurance rates to our traffic laws.

In order to leverage M2M communications and big data in the car industry, one of the tech sector’s biggest players, Google, created Cloud IoT Core, its fully managed service that allows you to connect, manage, interpret and act on the data from your devices in one unified solution—in this case, cars.

Naturally, we were curious to see how Zang Cloud users might be able to take advantage of this new platform to change the car industry themselves, so we’re providing an integration guide to help you get started. And because we love to get our hands dirty, we went for a test drive and built an app too.

The app we built is designed for both car dealerships as well as individual owners. The predictive maintenance app relies upon onboard telematics that alert users about upcoming repairs that will need to be scheduled.

The individual car owner, for instance, might not be aware that they are due for an oil change. Our integration with Google Cloud IoT Core allows us to register that the oil reading is low. Then, the app leverages the Zang Cloud SMS feature and sends a text message to the driver, alerting them to take action. While the oil change alert might be the most common SMS message you might receive, there are an incredible number of potential uses:

  • Odometer-based maintenance reminders, such as tire changes or belts
  • Air quality readings to give reminders to change air filters
  • Automatic safety, traffic alerts
  • Warrantee reminders and recall notifications

Conversely, the same process could be followed from the dealership’s perspective. If a customer’s car is due for maintenance, the appropriate personnel can get the SMS text alert, letting them know to contact the customer. And through the integration of Google IoT Core and Zang Cloud, dealerships will have an easier time reaching large numbers of customers quickly via text in cases like recalls, where maintenance alerts will be frenzied and vital.

If you ask a doctor, they’ll tell you that taking care of your body proactively will be much easier than dealing with a problem after you get sick. The same can be said for our cars, and the IoT is giving us a greater opportunity to preempt issues before they happen than ever before.

By combining Google Cloud IoT Core and Zang Cloud to create just one application, we were able to create conditions that could save consumers millions in unnecessary repairs—and revolutionize the way that car dealerships run their shops.

Zang Cloud offers you all the tools you’ll need to build the world of tomorrow. To learn more, click here.

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