Mike KuchOctober 04, 2017

Avaya CS1000 Customers—We’ve Still Got Your Backs

Back in July, I responded in a blog about some FUD competitors were creating around the end of support for our Communication Server 1000 product. At the time, Avaya committed to providing advanced notice about any end of sale and the adoption of our normal support policies for the CS1000—support policies that would extend support out to 2024. We are now informing our customers about the long-term strategy and roadmap for the CS1000 so everyone can plan appropriately. Let me summarize the key support dates for our CS1000 customers:

  • Extended Services support will run to June 2024
  • Avaya will continue to fix and patch the software through April 2019
  • We will stop selling new CS1000 systems in six months, in April 2018, with additional licenses available to expand systems beyond that date
Avaya is providing the support we previously committed to, including the Extended Services support out to June 2024.

So Now What?

If you’re a CS1000 customer, the obvious question is “What do I do now?” Let me make some suggestions. Avaya feels that now is the right time for you to consider a “Migrate and Modernize” strategy, which has three simple steps:
  • Relax—Rely on Uninterrupted Support
  • Check out Cloud Modernization Options
  • Embrace the Future

Uninterrupted Support for Communication Server 1000

As I’ve noted above, our standard support policies will give you the time you need to create a path forward for your organization. So take a deep breath and relax—Avaya still has your back.

Modernize Your Communications in the Cloud

A lot has changed since you installed your first CS1000: cloud, virtualization, desktop video, true unified communications, omnichannel customer contact, subscription-based licensing, and the ability to customize your solution to meet your specific needs. These changes provide new business- impacting capabilities and hard dollar savings for your enterprise. So take some time to consider your options and decide which path forward is best for you. Customers have also told us that are several things they really like about their current CS1000, and we are providing these capabilities in our Avaya IP Office™ platform and Avaya Aura® platform to help smooth migration. Here are some examples: Avaya IP Office Capabilities (all available now):
  • Support for 11XX/12XX SIP phones, enabling you to reuse these devices.
  • CS1000 Park and Page features.
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) capability.
  • And Avaya Contact Center Select (ACSS) for migration of CS1000 Contact Center.
Avaya Aura Capabilities:
  • Support for 11XX/12XX SIP phones (available now).
  • Call Park and Page Snap-in (available now).
  • Avaya Device Adapter Snap-in enabling customers to re-use Unistim (IP) terminals (target GA July 2018 with Avaya Aura 8.0).
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) support (also GA with Avaya Aura 8.0).
  • MobileX like user experience with CM EC500 (another feature enabled with Avaya Aura 8.0).
  • And we’re working to create a Migration Software module that will provide auto-configuration capability to extract user data from the CS1000 and apply it to Avaya Aura (first release targeted for December).

Bridge Your Current Solution to Your Future Communications

Regardless of the path you choose, Avaya will leverage your existing investments into your new solution. The Avaya Software Investment Protect Policy and current Avaya promotions will help ensure you get maximum value for your existing CS1000 licenses. Ask your Avaya or partner representative about these incentives. You have an opportunity to rethink and improve the communications, collaboration, and customer contact solutions that drive your business. When you Migrate and Modernize, you can reduce costs, enable unified communications and mobility strategies, and radically alter the way you support interactions with your customers. Let me quote from my previous blog because this critical message hasn’t changed either: Avaya values our CS1000 customers—and all of our customers. Our intention and commitment is to remain your trusted partner and supplier of innovative communications and collaboration solutions for many years to come. A big part of that is our drive to provide a path forward for every customer. Start the conversation today with your Avaya or partner representative. They can provide full details of the available offers and guide you on whatever path you choose to Migrate and Modernize. Learn more about the lifecycle plan for the Communication Server 1000 from Mark Monday, Vice President and GM Engagement Platforms at Avaya, in our Get the Facts video. And stay up to date on our CS1000 homepage.

Mike Kuch

Mike is the Senior Director for Solutions Marketing at Avaya. He focuses on Marketing of Team Engagement solutions with emphasis on bringing new Cloud offers to Market. He is veteran in the technology industry, specializing in bringing pioneering technologies into new and established markets.

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